5 Newborn Orange Kittens Trapped In Garage Rescued Just In Time

5 Newborn Orange Kittens Trapped In Garage Rescued Just In Time

A resident of Leander, Texas heard some strange cries coming from his garage.

When the resident investigated, he found 5 motherless orange kittens in his garage!

As adorable as they were, they were still motherless infants with fragile lives. Keep reading to discover their beautiful story!

A Kind Resident Steps In

The kittens’ eyes were shut and their umbilical cords still attached, so it was critical that they received medical attention.

The resident gently scooped them into a cardboard box and took the kitties to the Wilco Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown, Texas.

Courtesy of Megyn

Megyn, a foster volunteer at the shelter, came rushing to the kittens’ aid. Megyn said, “The kittens were 2-3 days old when they arrived — the first bottle babies at the shelter this season. Four were between 90-100 grams, but little Brie (the runt) came in at 77 grams.”

Despite being tinier than her sibling, Brie was determined to catch up!

Courtesy of Megyn

Fighting for their lives

About a day after their arrival at the shelter, the kittens weren’t doing so well. They had stopped eating and were struggling to keep down food.

Megyn said, “We’re unsure if their health issues are caused by being orphaned. Being orphaned never helps if there are underlying health issues as they aren’t getting any of their mom’s antibodies in their milk to fight off anything.”

Courtesy of Megyn

Megyn was determined to not give up on the kittens. She gave them round-the-clock care, keeping them hydrated and making sure their bellies were full.

And best of all, the kittens got to sleep in a warm, comfy space, rather than an old cabinet in a garage.

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The Power of Love and Care

Even though the kitties were starting to do better, Megyn was concerned about another kitten from the litter that she named Muenster because he seemed lethargic.

Luckily, Megyn later learned that this was just who Muenster was: a mild-mannered, quiet little kitten.

Courtesy of Megyn

Due to the excellent care and love they received, the kittens started getting stronger and stronger.

When they were finally able to open their eyes, they were ready to explore their new world outside the garage!

“Brie, despite being the smallest at 77 grams, has more than caught up to her siblings. At 3.5 weeks, she’s over 400 grams,” Megyn said.

Courtesy of Megyn

On the Road to Recovery

Another one of the smaller kitties, Feta, made great strides of her own. In just two days, she had stopped urinating on herself and learned to use the litter box.

Courtesy of Megyn

The five ginger kittens continued to grow and thrive. When their teeth came in, it was time for solid food like real grown up kitties.

Courtesy of Megyn

Happy and Healthy!

The kitties transformed into beautiful, happy, healthy cats. They play together during the day and cuddle when it’s nap time.

Courtesy of Megyn

Thank goodness that garage owner heard their cries and stepped in just in time to help these beautiful ginger kitties.

Check out a video of their journey here.

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9 Replies to “5 Newborn Orange Kittens Trapped In Garage Rescued Just In Time”

  1. I hand raised three orphans from two days of age. My vet wasn’t sure they would live, but he told me to try. They are all living, well and two years old.

  2. I’ve had a love affair with cats all my life. I remember as a child my Dad took my brother & I tent camping up by Lake George. My cat had a litter of kittens and they came with us. There were 2 pure white kittens and campers offered me $10 each. I told my dad no because I wouldn’t know where they were going. This was 65 years ago, I was a child but needed to protect my babies. $10 each 65 years ago was a lot of money, my mama cat was a day & I don’t know who the dad was. All the kittens went right in my neighborhood and I knew where they all were & they came to visit. I’ve learned so much since that 8 great old standing up for her babies. I have only rescues, only indoor kitties & my love for felines only grows. When I was younger I had dogs as well as my cats but now I go to my son’s for my dog fix & he comes here for his cat fix. I ha be 2 now a 9 yr old & a 6 year old. I’ve had as many as 12 but for the last 30ish with losses & new babies joining the population it remained at 9 for about 18 years till it became just the 2 girls (I lost 2 of my girls last year.) My Bella was only 7 1/2 months old and she passed from FIP, a horrific disease I’d heard of in passing but non experience with till I adopted this beautiful little girl cat 6 months because my 6 yr old was having a very hard time with the loss of her bff. An article on FIP would have helped me, I knew within 2 weeks that Bella wasn’t right and despite weekly visits to our vet of 11+ years dismissed all of my worries & inferred I was neurotic, Even when she bled into both eyes she said it was just a virus. She died 3 weeks later on Nov 12 ,_2019 3 months & 1 day after my Peanut passed from mammary cancer complicated by heart problems. I got Peanut as a foster at just barely 3 weeks old, she was 13 1/2 when she passed too young.

  3. I live in town with many appartments around me. Seems when people go to next place they leave kitties behing, so over the years I have taken in many strays and feed any kitty I see outside and cannot tame. I have had many years of love and enjoyment with these left behind kitties.

  4. So happy the little gingers are doing well. Hoping my rescue baby will do as well. Stopped to remove a kitten’s body from the street, an apparent victum of a car, and when I went to pick it up the little one meowed at me. Nearly died of shock but carefully picked him up and headed to the vet. She wasn’t sure he would pull through and it was touch and go for a couple of days. He is getting better and I named him Tough Guy as he definitely is. Currently waiting to find out if he will need PT for his front paw before I bring him home.

  5. i respect his compassion in looking out for them but did he not wait to see if their mother would come back? I am grateful they are safe and do not want to seem critical but the rule of thumb is to wait a bit to see if mother cat returns. Maybe i missed something there.

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