Abandoned Kitten Becomes NYPD’s Newest “Paw-fficer”

Abandoned Kitten Becomes NYPD’s Newest “Paw-fficer”

A Brooklyn police precinct has a new paw patrol member who took control and took over their hearts.

But, Martin the kitten had a rough start to his young life until he met the officers of the 60th precinct.

In December 2016, a woman abandoned a beautiful, tabby kitten outside the 60th Police Precinct in Brooklyn.

Five officers, including Officer Martin D. Costanza began a campaign to make the little kitten a permanent member of the squad.

The six-month old kitten, who was named “Martin” after one of the officers who found him, wiggled his way into everyone’s hearts.

The officers made their case for Martin to Deputy Inspector William Taylor. Luckily for Martin, Taylor is an animal lover, and he agreed to make Martin a permanent precinct pet, with one condition.

Taylor did not want to clean the litter box. And with that, Martin became the precinct mascot, morale booster, and pet.

Paul Martinka

Taylor pays for Martin’s some Sheba wet food and treats. Other officers covered the cost of shots, neutering, and microchipping.

Every day, Martin the cat shows himself at roll call to inspect his squad. “He cheers me up. The guys come by and get a chuckle out of him, the ones who are having a hard day,” Taylor told the New York Post.

Martin has settled into his Coney Island beat quite easily. He spends his days on the case of the precinct mice, as well as getting treats and love from the officers, and napping when he’s worn out from both.

Martin is one pampered precinct cat. He has three different food stations, as well as his own personal napping baskets, and tons of toys.

He visits with the officers and sometimes honors them by napping on their desks. “He’s definitely lifted spirits. There’s not one person here, cop or civilian, that doesn’t adore this cat,” said Taylor.


The officers say that Martin is sensitive and can tell when one of them needs some extra TLC. “I like how friendly he is,” said Sergeant Raj Lalwani.

“He’s like a dog — you call him and he’ll come. I don’t think he knows he’s a cat.”

Martin is not the first NYPD mouser. Manhattan’s 33rd precinct was home to Popo the cat, who passed away in 2016.

Paul Martinka

Martin started out his young life as a cold, abandoned orphaned kitten in a tough neighborhood.

It didn’t take long for this gorgeous tabby to win over the men and women in blue of the NYPD with his energy and personality.

With their love and scraps from turkey sandwiches, Martin is thriving in his new home and putting smiles on the faces of everyone who meets him.

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**NOTE** After writing this article, we discovered that Martin passed away at 2 years old after being struck by a car.

This was a very difficult loss for NYPD officers and everyone who grew to love Martin. His memory still lives on in their hearts. Please share so Martin’s life story can be known by many.

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8 Replies to “Abandoned Kitten Becomes NYPD’s Newest “Paw-fficer””

  1. RIP, sweet fur baby, Martin. You accomplished a lot in your short life. I know how much you will be missed by the NYPD.

  2. So sorry to hear that Martin passed away. I had 2 cats that got hit by cars and learned my lesson. All of my kitties are indoor cats from now on. Martin looks a lot like my kitty named Little Girl.

  3. RIP little Martin. Many thanks to all the officers at Brooklyn 60th Precinct who adopted you. To the officers who adopted Martin, many prayers and thoughts of sympathy for your little pawsfficer!!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Martin. He was so handsome😻 He will be in your hearts forever! Thank you for taking him in 😻.

  5. Awwwww ! What a sad ending to such a beautiful story !! 😢
    I’m thankful however, for all the officers that saved little Martin and loved him for his time on earth!!!

  6. So sorry about your loss of Martin. He was an adorable little guy. I have quite a few cats including an 18 year old girl I inherited from my dad when he passed 6 years ago. All of my cats are indoors only. Too many things outside that can hurt them, or worse. R.I.P. Martin. I know you’re missed tremendously.

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