Best Christmas Ever— Blind Kitten Dumped in Trash Adopted by Family of Adopted Children

Best Christmas Ever— Blind Kitten Dumped in Trash Adopted by Family of Adopted Children

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Though December is a month of joy and excitement for most Americans, it isn’t a merry month for animals that have been abandoned. 

This was certainly the case for Ilene, a kitten thrown out with a pile of trash in California. 

Keep reading to discover how fate brought together this sweet, neglected kitten with an incredibly special family.

A Rough Start 

A poor kitten later named Ilene was tragically dumped in a pile of trash  and left to suffer a horrible fate.

Thankfully, this kitten’s luck took a turn when a good samaritan happened to find her and brought her to the Oregon Humane Society (OHS). 

Unfortunately the rescue didn’t happen in time to save Ilene’s eyes.

Courtesy of Oregon Humane Society

She was diagnosed with an eye condition called microphthalmia, a condition in which one or both of the eyes are abnormally small.

This could have developed as a result of the trauma or an infection. What they did know is that her condition left her completely blind.

Hopeful Hearts

The day finally came where Ilene had a chance to start fresh with a new family she shared a similar past with.

She was adopted by a kind family with children who were also adopted, much like herself.

Even better, her new family had a story just as unique and heartwarming as her own.

Though Ilene would not understand, this family was incredibly special.

Courtesy of Oregon Humane Society & Alanna Lundin

Family Isn’t Always Blood

Single mother, Alanna Lundin, had been fostering Cassandra, Elijah, and Samantha for over three years and wanted nothing more than to make these children a permanent part of her family.

And after 1,183 long days, she was finally able to adopt them in early November.

They were the three youngest children from a group of six neglected siblings.

They’d never been to the doctor or a school and didn’t know how to read.

Courtesy of Oregon Humane Society & Alanna Lundin

Now the kids are with Alanna and are making amazing strides in a safe and stable environment.

Something they especially enjoy doing as a family is fostering kittens from the OHS.

Alanna believes fostering kittens is a very healing experience for them considering their past.

The family ended up adopting three cats, but had plenty of room in their hearts for one more.

Becoming a Family

When Alanna saw Ilene’s story on the news, she immediately told her kids.

Just as she suspected, they were eager to help the kitten and be the forever home she needed.

Alanna said that her kids empathized with the kitten, having been through a similar set of experiences.

Courtesy of Oregon Humane Society & Alanna Lundin

She and the three siblings waited outside OHS all night to make sure they’d be the first ones to put in an adoption form for Ilene.

Their dedication paid off, and Ilene was adopted nearly one month after the day that Lundin adopted her kids!

Happily Ever After

They wanted to give Ilene a home with a loving family, and they’ve certainly succeeded!

Now Ilene will never have to worry about being abandoned or suffering on the streets ever again.

Instead, she can focus on enjoying Christmas with her forever family.

Courtesy of Oregon Humane Society

Both Alanna and her children were kind and patient, making sure that Ilene could trust them as their bond grew stronger.

Ilene quickly settled in and loves to cuddle with all of her new family members.

For the first time, she was shown what it truly means to love and be loved.

Family isn’t about last names or blood. It’s about by commitment, love, and never giving up on each other.

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Courtesy of Oregon Humane Society & Alanna Lundin

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4 Replies to “Best Christmas Ever— Blind Kitten Dumped in Trash Adopted by Family of Adopted Children”

  1. I love hearing stories that have wonderful endings as this one had. What a remarkable family and also the wonderful parent figure that adopted the children and is allowing them to share love by adopting this little kitten that needed to find a loving home and I hope they all will be forever happy as they made me and I imagine many others so very happy with their beautiful connection.

  2. I feel so happy that Alana and her kids adopted this little kitten. I wish them many happy, healthy, fun purring years with her. There is nothing like the love of a pet. I am grateful to have adopted 3 cats, 2 10 1/2 years ago and 1 9 1/2 years ago. they are so much fun to watch and see how they interact with each other.

  3. I can’t understand how someone could throw a kitten in the trash. I am so very glad that little Ilene found a Loving and Forever Home with such a special Family. It’s nice to see something good happen in such a bad year. Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless

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