Blind Kitten Who Needs His Brother Adopted By Family Who Refuse to Separate Them

Blind Kitten Who Needs His Brother Adopted By Family Who Refuse to Separate Them

Our story begins with the discovery of a litter of kittens and their mom in a resident’s backyard in Brooklyn, New York.

They were all in critical condition and were in desperate need of medical attention! 

Courtesy of Kyla

Rescuers in Action

The resident reached out to Little Wanderers NYC and was put in contact with Kyla B., a volunteer and adoption counselor. Once Kyla heard the news, she rushed them straight the emergency vet. 

All four of the kittens were in terrible condition, but one in particular had a severe eye infection.

The vet encouraged Kyla to euthanize all of them, but she refused to give up. 

“I was not given a positive outlook and was encouraged to humanely euthanize all four kittens by veterinarians that night,” Kyla said. 

Courtesy of Kyla

A Sprinkle of Hope

However, Little Wanderers NYC had faith that the kittens could have a chance at life if given medicine and immediate care. 

It’s not short of a miracle that the kittens were found in the nick of time because they were close to death; the heat of the NYC summer was no match for four helpless kittens.

Courtesy of Kyla

Harvey’s Special Friend

Following weeks of treatment, the kittens were almost completely recovered. Unfortunately, one of the kittens lost his eyesight entirely because of an eye infection.

This little guy was named Harvey. 

Courtesy of Kyla

The rescuers noticed that Harvey and his brother, Ellen, grew closer each day. They shared a special bond that was unlike anything they had ever seen before.

“In the event that Harvey gets scared, he would rely on his brother for comfort,” Kyla tells our source. He continues to follow Ellen around and constantly be at his side. 

It is as if Ellen knows to wait for his brother and go at a slower speed. Harvey may be totally blind, but it does not stop him from moving about.

Ellen has become his seeing-eye cat, and the two are inseparable. 

Courtesy of Kyla

A Forever Home

Eight weeks after being found, two loving parents, Tim and Marcus, adopted Harvey and Ellen.

Courtesy of Tim & Marcus

They knew right away that they couldn’t possibly separate them. Ellen and Harvey were welcomed into a home with lots of toys and two older cats that watch over them. 

Harvey’s new parents say that he is fearless and nothing can hold him back. Ellen and Harvey are given lots of love and of course, cuddles.

Courtesy of Tim & Marcus

Happily Ever After

Tim and Marcus have even created an Instagram page for Ellen and Harvey, to let people follow along with the lives of the adorable kittens.

Most of the photos show one or both of the kittens posing for the camera with toys. Other pictures show them napping or enjoying life. 

Ellen and Harvey have a wonderful life ahead of them with their new family!

Courtesy of Tim & Marcus

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16 Replies to “Blind Kitten Who Needs His Brother Adopted By Family Who Refuse to Separate Them”

  1. Is Harvey a male or female? Is Ellen really a male with a female’s name? Whatever the case…they are BOTH adorable!!! Thank you for sharing their most touching story and thanks to their adoptive parents who NEVER gave up on them…so many vets and people do these days…easier and more economical to just put a needle in their leg…it’s only money that can be replaced in time, but a little, precious life of any kind…CANNOT! Please all your family enjoy each other for years to come…have so, so many KODAK moments. God Bless You All!!!

  2. So Heartwarming ♥️ God Bless These Precious Angels 🥰😻💞 Thank You 🙏🏼 to the FurParents for Giving Them Love 💗🐱💗

  3. Happiness, in this case, is in the love of a brother along with two loving pet parents. Bless all six of them. I too hope the other kittens and the Momma if she was found are in a loving home too.

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