Cat Sneaks In Zoo And Becomes Best Friends With Lynx

Cat Sneaks In Zoo And Becomes Best Friends With Lynx

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A stray kitten roaming the streets in St. Petersburg was seeking safety and managed to find it inside the cityszoo.

After she got cozy in her new home, she made an unexpected friend – a lynx!

Keep reading to learn about the heart warming story between a domestic cat and a lynx.

Source: Michael Soldatenkov

First Impressions

In the dead of night, one stray kitty lucked out when she found her way into the St. Petersburg zoo in Russia.

After taking a survey of her surroundings, she decided to hop into the cage with a lynx.

Source: Michael Soldatenkov

Most animals would be scared, but not this brave kitty!

While her goal was just to steal some extra scraps of food, she got much more than that…

Recognizing a familiar kitty face, the lynx took a liking to the stray. Linda, the name of the friendly lynx, gave her a little lick as a welcome.

It didn’t take long for Linda the lynx to grow attached to her new cat buddy.

Source: Michael Soldatenkov

Zookeeper’s Reaction

The zookeepers had never seen anything like this in their years of experience!

Scared for the safety of the cat, they removed him from the lynx’s cage.

However, this separation would not last long.

The second that the stray kitty managed to get free, it bolted right back into Linda the lyx’s cage. Zookeepers were shocked!

The pair became inseparable after only a few days!

Source: Michael Soldatenkov

Settling In

The zookeepers had no other option but to let the kitty stay. They figured that she would find her way back no matter what.

They decided to named her Dusya, an unusual name for an unusual cat. Dusya and Linda started their life together, and managed to attract many fans!

Source: Michael Soldatenkov

Years passed and Dusya and Linda grew up together. Maybe the secret to their friendship is that they met each other when they were both kittens.

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Pictures and videos of the unlikely pair went viral on the internet, and the zoo took full advantage of this, documenting their friendship for all to see!

Source: Michael Soldatenkov

Best Friends Forever

This dynamic duo reached their peak of fame in 2017 when the zoo posted an adorable video of them on social media.

The two could be seen grooming and playing with one another.

Hearts swooned, and people began to fall in love with Dusya and Linda after watching their friendship. The video was viewed thousands of times!

It is no surprise that some have named them the “purrrfect pair!”

Source: Michael Soldatenkov

12 Years Of Friendship

Ever since that fateful night in 2007 these two have been attached at the hip and keep growing their relationship with each passing day for 12 years now!

Even though officials were skeptical of their friendship at first, these two proved that different species could coexist and even be best friends.

Perhaps we can all learn something from Dusya and Linda.

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20 Replies to “Cat Sneaks In Zoo And Becomes Best Friends With Lynx”

  1. Two souls were lonely and the found each other. Both cats are absolutely beautiful and how they take care of each other is so inspiring. Marvelous. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Many zoos are the reason some species still exist. They are not the same that they were years ago. Animals are kept in facsimiles of their native habitat. And well cared for. Veterinarians and breed specialists are paid well and much is spent on their food and needed treatments

      1. Personally, I go farther than that…. I think if people can give exotic pets a good, healthy and happy home, then let them have them. I would much rather know that some species are being privately owned and loved than murdered in their own territory, some even to extinction.

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