Cat Deemed ‘Too Ugly to Adopt’ Given Second Chance

Cat Deemed ‘Too Ugly to Adopt’ Given Second Chance

In 2017, a tiny little ginger kitten named Romeo had a rough start to his life. He roamed the streets of southern Spain with his brothers and sisters, until all but Romeo were taken in.

Courtesy of Santuario Compasión Animal

Too Ugly? No Way!

Little Romeo looked different than other kittens. He has a facial deformity that made the locals deem him too ugly to adopt. Romeo seemed destined to a solitary life on the streets until one day when a kind stranger changed Romeo’s life.

Courtesy of Santuario Compasión Animal

Laura Llácer, director and co-founder Santuario Compasión Animal, was passing by and couldn’t help but notice the tiny kitten. Llácer couldn’t leave Romeo, so she scooped him up and took him to his new home at the animal sanctuary.

Courtesy of Santuario Compasión Animal

Life Takes a Turn

When she found out that all of Romeo’s brothers and sisters were adopted, she couldn’t believe someone wouldn’t want Romeo. “We were surprised that people did not see that this was someone special,” Llácer told The Dodo.

Thanks to Llácer , Romeo will never be alone. In addition to his rescuer and new “best friend,” Romeo is surrounded by all of the other animals at the sanctuary, including cows, ducks, turkeys, and his favorite of them all – a stuffed bunny!

Courtesy of Santuario Compasión Animal

Beautiful, Inside and Out

As Romeo grew, so did his beautiful coat, and his personality and loving spirit. One afternoon, Romeo was nowhere to be found at the sanctuary, until they looked in the medical room. There was Romeo, keeping a sick chicken company. How sweet!

Courtesy of Santuario Compasión Animal

Llácer says, “Romeo is very, very affectionate and behaves differently than other cats. He remains a cat, but there’s something adorable in his behavior that reflects that lovely abnormality in appearance.”

“Of course, he suffers a deformity, but that makes him different. That makes him unique.”

The Boss of Everything

In the years since his rescue, not only has Romeo found a new home, but new confidence as well. He loves to play and get attention from everyone. This gorgeous, fluffy ginger cat loves all of his new friends, and he supurrvises all of the activities at the sanctuary.

Courtesy of Santuario Compasión Animal

Llácer says, “Romeo watched us one afternoon from the roof of a stable while we were working,” the rescue said. “He is very clear that everything has to be perfect for rescued animals.”

Every Animal is Worth Saving

Romeo is living proof that just because you look different doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great quality of life. His spirit shines through, and you hardly notice that Romeo looks different than other cats. He has grown into a regal king, with a heart to match.

Check out this video of little Romeo when he first arrived at the sanctuary. Luckily for Romeo, he found someone who could see how beautiful he really was.

Could you resist this lovely, little man? Tell us in the comments below.

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Kate Skilton is a professional writer and a lifelong owner and lover of cats. She currently lives with her kitty, Rogue, who runs the show.

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6 Replies to “Cat Deemed ‘Too Ugly to Adopt’ Given Second Chance”

  1. I would ofvtaken Romeo in a heartbeat. He’s adorable and so deserving of all the good things life has to offer. A person should never judge by
    looks alone.

  2. Its not all about looks! One of my rescue pups has an eye that is a bit smaller than the other. No big deal! And I have a cat named Romeo, he’s a Siamese looking Ragdoll though who was emaciated as my neighbors failed to notice and I kinda stole him away from them..lol… they knew and told me I could have him. He’s 18 now.

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