Sweet Cat with Special Face Finds Perfect Family Who Loves Him the Way He is

Sweet Cat with Special Face Finds Perfect Family Who Loves Him the Way He is

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This is a story about a little kitten named Maverick, whose precious face and adorable eyes aren’t the only things that make him special. 

Keep reading to discover how this unique tabby overcame some big obstacles to finally find happiness.

Overlooked, but Not Unnoticed

In August of 2019, a cat named Maverick was surrendered by his owner to a New York animal care center at six months old.

Maverick’s former owner was allergic to him and was unable to take care of him. 

Courtesy of The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Tragically, the shelter was reaching its maximum capacity and Maverick was going to be euthanized.

As fortune would have it, the staff of the shelter became extremely fond of Maverick and were determined to save him.

Sweet Maverick was given a second chance at life.

Courtesy of The Odd Cat Sanctuary

No Limitations

Maverick was born with a chromosome abnormality causing him to have an extra chromosome.

His condition is comparable to Down Syndrome in humans.

Maverick was also diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, an abnormal dilation of the ventricular system from a build up of fluid in the brain.

Courtesy of The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Maverick was very special and needed a place that could provide him with the resources he needed to safely grow.

Luckily, the shelter had a brilliant idea!

A Sanctuary

The shelter staff contacted Tara Kay, founder of The Odd Cat Sanctuary.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit famous for their outstanding dedication to helping kittens and cats with special needs. 

Courtesy of The Odd Cat Sanctuary

The Odd Cat Sanctuary has provided thousands of special needs cats with a safe place where they can receive proper care.

They happily welcome Maverick into their facility with open arms.

Thanks to the determined staff of the New York ACC, Maverick was would have a wonderful team that could take care of his special needs.

A Forever Home

Maverick’s life changed at the sanctuary.

It was there that he became part of their family and found his forever home.

When Maverick arrived at the Sanctuary, he began to purr up a storm of happiness and bounce around the house with joy.

After everything he had been through, he knew he was finally home.

The sanctuary was going to be his permanent home.

They even provided him with a caregiver who would make sure all his special needs were met. 

It didn’t take long for Maverick to feel safe and loved in his new home.

It was as if he were meant to be there all along!

Courtesy of The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Happily Ever After 

Maverick is a very loving and kind tabby.

His affection is equally matched whether he’s making new furry friends or meeting new humans.

He gets along with just about anybody.

He especially enjoys playing with other cats, and he’s quick to greet a new friend with a loving nudge.

Maverick’s story is truly awe-inspiring.

Courtesy of The Odd Cat Sanctuary

Despite all the obstacles put in his path, he never allowed them to slow him down or prevent him from living his life to the absolute fullest.

Maverick is now as happy and healthy as can be, from playing with his foster brothers and sisters to cuddling with his human companions.

Do you think Maverick is adorable just the way he is? Let us know in the comments below.

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90 Replies to “Sweet Cat with Special Face Finds Perfect Family Who Loves Him the Way He is”

    1. Maverick has a sweet face and obviously a loving nature. All cats deserve love and a forever home

  1. God bless this darling cat and whoever adopted him. Praying for that family.
    If I am able to adopt another cat, it will be special needs and/or a senior. ?

  2. Precious little KITTY, he looks fine to me, only “cuter”, God Bless the family who have taken him in, May they reap happiness and success throughout their lives

  3. I’m confused. Did he stay with the rescue, or did he get adopted? I know that some rescues will keep a cat/dog if their medical needs are overwhelming, but it didn’t sound like Maverick’s health is so bad. Either way, I’m sure he is a happy guy!

    1. Maverick is beautiful! He has gorgeous eyes, and his markings are spectacular! I’m so glad he has a furever home!?

  4. Thank You Lord ?? for Sending Angels to Save this Precious Baby from Harm ? God Bless You Sweetie & Blessings to Those Special People in Your Life ? Thank You for Caring for this Sweet Baby ? & Providing a Furever Home ? ?

  5. Maverick is so precious! I had no idea cats could get down syndrome. I am glad he is in a great sanctuary now!?

  6. Maverick is God’s perfect gift, and he is so incredibly adorable. Thank you for saving him and giving him a chance to have the long and happy life he was born to have.

  7. He is so adorable.Thank you to all who have saved this sweet little guy. God bless Maverick and all who has given him a second chance to be loved and happy.

  8. Oh My Goodness!! Maverick you are soooooo purrfect just the way you are! I am so glad you have found your forever home at the Sanctuary…and that you are happy and healthy there! I am sure they consider themselves the lucky ones for having you!, God bless them and you !! ??
    Xoxo Jackie

  9. Such an adorable Cat. Glad he was taken in. I didn’t know Cats can get something like Downs syndrome he still is so adorable.

  10. I think Maverick is adorable and I would give the baby a good home if he didn’t have the love and support of the sanctuary. God bless the work you do.

  11. He’s gorgeous many years ago I also had a downs kitty called stitch named after his mum tried to kill him by some how slicing his neck ? but he survived and was a fabulous cat ?

  12. I love happy endings.Maverick is so adorable and so cute ?. Thank you to everyone that helped save this Precious baby so happy he has a awesome fur ever home ❤️

  13. In my eyes, He is normal, just looks different.. I would take him in also, in a heartbeat.. His so adorable!!! I’m so happy he has a forever home now..

  14. I have a special needs cat and she’s like any other cat, we love her! Maverick is a handsome kitty and thank you for giving him a forever home!

  15. Maverick is sooo adorable and has the cutest little face ever ?? I am so very happy for him that he is living the happy life he deserves. God bless this beautiful baby and the people who love him and take such great care of this little Angel ??????

  16. Maverick is BEAUTIFUL. His new family is blessed to have him. He is normal…His normal, he dont know hes different. God bless all.

  17. What a beautiful kitty! And such a wonderful, heartwarming story. Maverick looks and sounds like a sweet and loving boy ❤ So happy he found a loving home!

  18. What a gorgeous unique furbaby so glad he has a forever home..all animals can have what we have..but to have downs syndrome makes him special and unique..thank you to them that have him..lots of love from shirley and her girls Lola and Betty mewtiful..xx oh the love he will give in abundance I could just..

  19. Maverick is perfect the way he is. It doesn’t stop him from being who he is, one of God’s beautiful creations. He plays, with his friends, gets love from his caretakers, eats and sleeps, isn’t that what a cat does. He’s adorable and if I could ever take him or a special needs cat, I wouldn’t give it two thoughts!

  20. Maverick is a beautiful cat and I am happy to know he is now happy and healthy with people that love him. Thank you for loving him.

  21. Maverick is a beautiful kitty. May God bless him that he has a long & healthy life and all those have adopted him. I am please that he has others
    playmates that can help to entertain him.

  22. I also have a female car who also has the same thing. She is very loving and gets along with my other cats. My vet said this is the first downs cat she had ever treated.

  23. I’ve come to find all cats have a special need of some kind. I hade a cat with three legs and she was perfect. This is truly a sweet baby. ??

  24. Maverick deserves a happy life and would have been killed not euthanized. It would never be considered acceptable to kill a child with Down Syndrome and it is horrid that they would do that to Maverick. I had a cat who if she had been a child would have been special needs-well, she was a special needs cat. She had been declawed and I do not know if that had anything to do with it-not by me of course. She was slow-never jumped on or off furniture (she was not in pain) and if you saw her you would understand. She was one of the sweetest cats I have lived with and I have lived with many. Bravo for Maverick and his rescuers. Fie on the woman who would have let him die.

  25. Just love Maverick! We’ve rescued quite a lot of cats and kittens over the years and some had definite health problems from diabetes which required daily shots of insulin to some who had only three legs and one very special kitten whose back legs weren’t attached to her tendons. Basically she had no control of her back legs. We named her Skates because that’s what she looked like she was doing when she moved. What amazed us was how she adapted. In order to get around, she would use her front legs to pull her in the direction she wanted to go. When her back legs were fully stretched out, she would stop, do a cat handstand and pull her back legs under her body. Then she would take off again. She couldn’t jump but she could climb and didn’t let any of her brothers and sisters get away with anything. She didn’t know that she was different and she adapted. She loved playing and being snuggled. The vet said that she should be put down because she would never grow or enjoy life. A friend who runs a rescue didn’t agree. She took Skates and kept her as her own. Yes, she was small but she was very happy! Just because an animal has a “disability”, it never means it can’t live a great life…just needs a chance and someone to give them a forever home. Perfect for that someone who saw that in Maverick!

  26. He is a truly beautiful baby thanks to people like your group to save and appreciate the love the little guy had to give . People need to realize that cats are very special for babies who will show and give back love to those who bother to take the time to get back what they get LOVE AND CARE

  27. Maverick is ADORABLE❤️ there’s another cat ALOT like him her name is Maya she has her own Facebook & she has Instagram I also noticed other cats just like Maya & Maverick I’m also just started following the Odd cat sanctuary on Instagram when I was looking up Maya

  28. He’s such an adorable kitty; I would like to cuddle this sweetheart. I hope he will find a loving forever home. He deserves all the happines and love!

  29. Such a precious kitty? I would have no problem adopting such a sweet little soul! Thank you for sharing….made my day❤️

    1. Precious little kittie. They all deserve our love. We aren’t perfect but they accept us w/o any problem. I love these tender stories. I’m going to read more of them later. ❤️?

  30. I think he is beautiful. I’ve had special needs kitties before and they are the best. I would love to have had him. They are such special little babies.

  31. I love being different from others, and I encourage others to just be themselves not copy your models. Maverick is an example of how some people are different, and we all love him! He’s precious! It makes his special.

  32. Oh my goodness! He is so precious and beautiful! I would love ❤️ him so much, but I’m glad he’s where he belongs! God bless him! And God bless all you that help so many sweet babies!

  33. He is beautiful! Thank you for taking him in & loving him. Hugs, loves, & lots of snuggles to sweet Maverick! ❤️❤️❤️?

  34. I am glad Maverick has a new home. A cat should not be judged just because he or she is disabled. I don’t think that would be right because it does say in the Bible we are not to judge. He is in a loving home and where he will be loved

  35. This little one is sweet as can be. Precious in every way. Thanks to all who helped save him and a big thank you to those that make everyday happy for him.

  36. As a nurse, I can’t help but wonder if he’s blind in his right eye, and if he has heart abnormalities as well. Sure hope not! I’m so glad he found a good home where he can live his life as long as it’s gifted to him. He’s inspirational.

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