Sweet Cat Is So Happy Woman Returns To Rescue Him From Harsh Life On Cold Streets

Sweet Cat Is So Happy Woman Returns To Rescue Him From Harsh Life On Cold Streets

Our story begins when Gissell, a volunteer for the NYCCC, was notified of a homeless tabby cat who had been seen roaming around all alone on the cold streets of Brooklyn, New York.

Keep reading to learn how this sweet homeless cat’s life changed when woman decided she couldn’t walk away from him.

Charming First Encounter

She found the tabby in front of a local homeless shelter. She kindly called out to him and he immediately walked right up to her with warmhearted greetings. He was kind, affectionate, and had no hesitations.

From his friendly demeanor and loving nature, it was clear this poor tabby didn’t belong on the streets and deserved a loving home.

Gissell started making a rescue plan to get him off the street and to find this sweet bundle of love a foster home.

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The Rescue!

She returned the spot where she first spotted him with food and a humane trap to get the tabby to safety, but when she arrived, she couldn’t find him.

She looked around, but still no sign of the sweet tabby. She decided to call out for him and miraculously, there he was!

Once he heard Gissell’s voice, he showed himself from his hiding spot and ran straight to her. As if they had been long lost friends.  

Courtesy of Little Wanderers NYC

New Start, New Home, New friends

It was the beginning of a new life for this little tabby. Gissell took him home and contacted a local rescue, Little Wanderers NYC.

A foster volunteer for Little Wanderers, Melina Nastazia, stepped in and took him into her foster care.

Courtesy of Little Wanderers NYC

“He had some ear mites and fleas that we immediately took care of. He seems very grateful to be indoors which he expresses with loud purrs and making biscuits,”she explained.

Crookshanks, The Tabby

He was named Crookshanks and was determined to be around six years old.

He was grateful for his new home, burrowing himself into any empty lap, making biscuits while getting his fill of pets, and filling up on tasty food during mealtime.

Courtesy of Little Wanderers NYC

One of his favorite daily activities is sitting in the front window watching kitty TV.

He likes to watch the neighbors walk too and from their homes, kids playing outside, and other animals scurrying about.

It’s a mystery as to how or why this tabby boy was left homeless on the cold winter streets of Brooklyn to begin with.

He’s so loving and gentle – he was destined to have a warm, loving home.

Courtesy of Little Wanderers NYC

Finding A Forever Home

Thanks to a few helping hands, he was given a new chance at a better life. Crookshanks won’t have to worry about staying warm or finding food again.

Still with his foster family, Crookshanks is happy and healthy awaiting his forever home.

Courtesy of Little Wanderers NYC

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