Cat Seeks Love From Neighbor After Being Abandoned by Own Family

Cat Seeks Love From Neighbor After Being Abandoned by Own Family

A beautiful Ragdoll cat was abandoned by his own family when they sold their house and moved away, leaving him to fend for himself.

Courtesy of Debbie @fosterkittys

The cat began wandering the neighborhood, going from one house to another for food and shelter. Luckily for the Virginia kitty, he came across a kind-hearted neighbor woman who wanted to help him.

A Kind Neighbor Steps in to Help

The neighbor offered the cat a temporary shelter in her garage, complete with bed, heating lamp, as well as food and water dishes.

The cat followed her and the family dog everywhere. Unfortunately, she couldn’t give the cat the run of the place because her husband is allergic.

Courtesy of Debbie @fosterkittys

She wanted to do something to help the cat get more human contact and a proper home to roam around.

She contacted her co-worker, Debbie, who was a local foster volunteer to see if she could help.

Courtesy of Debbie @fosterkittys

The Ragdoll Kitty Gets a Name

Debbie said, “She asked if I could help with a homeless neighborhood cat that she has been feeding. Of course, I said, ‘yes.’ He has been outside to fend for himself since the fall. Here in Virginia, the winters are very cold, so luckily, he found shelter in my coworker’s home.”

Debbie picked up the cat and gave him the warm welcome he had been looking for.

She said, “He is absolutely magnificent. His temperament is very sweet and docile, and he is confidently walking around like he owns the place already. ”

Courtesy of Debbie @fosterkittys

It was close to Valentine’s day when Debbie welcomed the loving kitty into her home, so she decided that “Valentino” was an appropriate name for the new family member.

“He is such a love bucket, a totally gentle giant,” said Debbie. Valentino loves spending time in his new home with his new family.

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When Debbie took in Valentino, he had developed a few health problems from his time on the street.

Valentino had an upper respiratory infection and had some bad patches of matted fur.

Debbie made an appointment at the vet to get Valentino the necessary blood work, vaccinations, and grooming.

Courtesy of Debbie @fosterkittys

Valentino Builds His Fan Club

The vet cleaned up Valentino’s fur and gave him some antibiotics for his infection.

They estimated that he was 2-3 years old when Debbie got him. Valentino dazzled the staff at the vet clinic and lived up to his name during his visit.

Valentino greeted everyone there, rubbing up on them and purring away the entire time. He even tried to help with the computer!

Valentino was a real hit, and the staff couldn’t get enough of this fluffy lovebug.

Courtesy of Debbie @fosterkittys

Valentino’s Story Has a Happy Ending

Debbie and the friend who contacted her changed the course of Valentino’s life and gave him a second chance at having a home and a family. As Debbie said, “He deserves a happy life and I’ll make sure he gets it!”

Debbie deserves a round of applause for helping Valentino in his time of need. Can you imagine anyone leaving an animal behind, let alone this handsome kitty?

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22 Replies to “Cat Seeks Love From Neighbor After Being Abandoned by Own Family”

    1. I couldn’t move without my furbaby……if he or she isn’t allowed neither am I …I’m not leaving apart of my family

      1. Thank you for helping that beautiful cat. Ragdolls are amazing. Can not understand how anyone can leave a pet behind. If you can’t keep it at least find a home for it or a no kill shelter that will.

    2. I dont understand how anyone can abandon any kitty or any fyr family member or any reptile or any other kind of pet. I would have loved that kitty. I have a little lady and a little boy that were abandoned as kittens, eyes barely opened and so tiny. They both fir into my hand with room to spare. Someone had placed them in an alley and my son in law found them seconds bedore backing over them with his truck he heard them crying. He called and made arrangements for me to go get them. We traveled 90 miles to see if these babies ciuld be saved. Oh ny gosh. Sontiny just bonea and skin. We stopped on the way back to our small town and got cat milk substutute. 3 weeks in a large dog kennel. Fed every 2 hours around the clock with a tiny nurser for kittens. 3 weeks later they had begun to out on some weight. 5 weeks later i let them join the other fur babies. The kittens had been seen by my vet and were treated with antibiotics right off and had recieved their vacinations before being released to terrorize the house. That was 2 years ago this month. They are absolutely huge. Tower far over my other fur babies and are so loving and gentle. One was very fluffy so we called her Fluffy and the little guy is a tuxedo kitty and had whute paws so my grand dauggter named them Fluffy and Socks. I currently have over 20 rescues in my care. They have an outside kennel, lots of room inside, see the vet regularly, all are alrered, ample food and boxes cleaned numerous times a day. I do no more or less for my fur babies than i did for the 23 children i took in over 30 years in my much younger years. They give us so much.these guys have seen me thorough cancer, strokes and numerous other health issues. I thank God every day for placing each babynin my care. I especially than God for those 2 little lives that laid in that alley.

      1. Thank goodness those precious, little babies were rescued from that alley in the nick of time. I hate it when people put them in dangerous situations. You are a godsend for loving humans and fur babies!β™₯️🐱

  1. Because people are cruel and heartless when it comes to their pets. They see them only as animals whereas those of us that truly love our fur babies consider them to be our kids. My empty next has never existed since I replaced my children with my fur children who are now my children. I love them just as much.

  2. It breaks my heart that this gorgeous Ragdoll was abandoned to face the bitter Va. winter outside, hunting for food and water! Thank God for the neighbor and the rescuer who has given Valentino a FOREVER HOME! Knowing the temperament of Ragdolls and especially Males, she will be rewarded with a loving, loving lap cat for many years to come. So thankful to all involved in saving sweet Valentino!

  3. I have always wanted a rag doll or a Simease. Fell in love with Simease cats when I watched the movie Bell, Book and Candle. Could not afford to buy one. My niece gave me a kitten seven years ago. I was meant to be owned by him. Could not imagine not having Samwise in my life.

  4. All cats deserve a loving and caring foreverhome. People who abandon their cats deserves to be punished and fined.

  5. Those “people”? who just abandoned this gorgeous cat should be tracked down and arrested for animal abuse. The LEAST they could have done is found someone to take him, he could have been sold for good money even! My cousin bought one a few years ago and she paid hundred of dollars for hers. If people can’t consider a pet more than just a token object to have around the house, then they shouldn’t have a pet at all. They ARE our kids, only better! (at least in my own case)

  6. I can’ t believe how many stories I have been reading about people
    just abandoning dogs and cats. Maybe there should be screenings to see if people are capable of having pets. I was raised with cats and can’t believe how someone can just toss them out like trash. And then still live with them selves.

    1. What a Beautiful cat how disgusting that they just Dumped and left him Like Garbage this makes me so mad Pisses me off !!! Grrrr!!. 😠😠😑 im So glad That Beautiful Valentino Was Re homed and
      Adopted and Has a Family who loves Him He’s Absolutely Beautiful πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– From NZ πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ

  7. I ended up with a cat for the same reason. Mr. Peepers was one of the most wonderful cats I have lived with. Valentino is a very handsome guy and those people do not deserve him anyway. It is beyond me how anyone can just leave an animal to fend for him/herself . I couldn’t/wouldn’t do it. I am happy he was rescued and now lives the pampered life he should have.

  8. I wish the prior owners could be found and charged with animal abuse. How can someone do that to their pet. I guess they’re the kind of people who leave a mess everywhere they go, and figure other people can clean up after them.

  9. If someone moves and is unable to keep their cat, it takes just minutes to Google cat rescue groups (this can be breed specific by choice) to take the cat. If a cat’s being left behind because it’s no longer a cute little kitten, contact a rescue group. Would parents leave a child behind during a move?

  10. What a Beautiful cat how disgusting that they just Dumped and left him Like Garbage this makes me so mad Pisses me off !!! Grrrr!!. 😠😠😑 im So glad That Beautiful Valentino Was Re homed and
    Adopted and Has a Family who loves Him He’s Absolutely Beautiful πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– From NZ πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ

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