Sweet Cat Tries His Best To Teach Baby Brother to Stay Out of Christmas Tree

Sweet Cat Tries His Best To Teach Baby Brother to Stay Out of Christmas Tree

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When Leah Outlaw found the perfect kitten to join her family, the moment didn’t come with a great bang or sudden realization. 

Instead, it was the result of planning, hope, and an ordinary day in Louisville, Kentucky.

Keep reading to discover how one extraordinary kitten made his way into a wonderful home with a family he could finally call his own. 

An Ordinary Day Made Extraordinary

“There’s a cat café at the end of my street, so whenever we go for walks we see the kittens in the window,” she said. 

And when they saw a grey kitten that caught their eye, they finally made an appointment. “We’d seen him in the window— well, we don’t know if it was him or another cat, but he was really cute.”

The days leading up to the appointment slowly ticked by, and they continued to think of gray kittens.  

“I was pretty determined, I guess we both were. We knew we wanted a buddy for our other cat, because he had some separation issues. So we figured if we found one we liked, we’d get it,” Leah said.

A Special Spark 

When the day of the appointment came, Leah was worried they’d already missed their opportunity. 

There were plenty of adorable kittens, but no gray ones in sight.

“I thought I’d seen a gray [kitten], but actually a lot of them had already been adopted and we thought they were all gone when we got in there,” she said. 

But then they saw the last gray kitten: “He was just sitting on a couch by himself, and he was really cute.”

They went over to meet him, and the rest was history. 

“He had just been neutered, so he was being really calm and he just snuggled with us the whole time we were in there,” Leah said.

The Perfect Pair

They adopted the three-month-old kitten, named him Walter, and finally brought him home. 

After a short adjustment period, Walter and Leah’s other other cat, Bronson were able to meet. 

Luckily, Bronson was just as excited for this gray miracle as the rest of the family.

“He and Bronson are obsessed with each other, it’s really weird actually how close they are,” Leah said. “They love to snuggle and play.” 

She’d heard horror stories about male cats not getting along, but Bronson and Walter were a perfect pair. 

“They get along great,” she said.

The two brothers love spending time together and can often be found playing tag around the apartment.

Christmas Chaos 

With the Christmas season approaching, Bronson and Walter’s games have taken a new turn.

“Sometimes he’ll be running around, [and] our apartment’s pretty small so if they’re chasing each other, he’ll dive into the tree from the couch. Luckily it hasn’t fallen over,” Leah laughed.

And when he’s not playing chasing games, Walter trades his hiding place for a snooze spot.


“We haven’t put any decorations on the tree because he’s just been pretty much getting in it every day, multiple times a day,” she said. “He just likes getting in there and sitting.”

Despite Walter’s repurposing efforts, Leah is understanding. “I guess I probably would [like it] too, if I were a cat,” she said. 

They’re certainly not letting it dampen their holiday spirit. 

Instead, they’re focusing on what really matters: family. 

Walter is a new addition to their family, but they know he was always meant to be with them. 

They look forward to showering him with love (and being showered with pine needles in return) for many Christmases to come.

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