Kitten With Broken Leg Saved By Country Music Star From Hotel Parking Lot

Kitten With Broken Leg Saved By Country Music Star From Hotel Parking Lot

A kitten was found alone and scared with a broken leg in a hotel parking lot. He was suffering and his future did not look too bright.

That is, until he was spotted by not only an animal lover, but by a famous country star animal lover!

An Unexpected Visit  

A few months ago Sunny Sweeney got to her hotel in Baton Rouge, LA very late one Saturday night. 

She was on a tour of America performing concerts all over the country. 

Sunny Sweeney

She was walking into the Hotel when she heard something alarming and stopped in her tracks.

It was a tiny orange kitten crying in the middle of the parking lot!. Even worse, his leg was broken!

Courtesy of Sunny Sweeney

Rushing to the Rescue

Even though the country singer was busy and probably tired from performing, her mind was set on saving the little kitten.

She used her social media platforms to ask for someone to come help rescue the little guy. 

Courtesy of Sunny Sweeney

“Anyone into Cat rescue?? We got to the hotel last night and the most precious kitten (starving and broken back right leg) came up to me screaming for help with his meow.” 

“I gave him some leftovers and water, which he gobbled up. The hotel said he’s been here for days! My guess is his mom died,” she wrote on her Facebook.

Courtesy of Sunny Sweeney

 Just in Time

She had to leave the hotel the next day for another concert somewhere else, and begged her fans on Facebook to spread the word. 

At the last minute a man named Randall, or Cat Rescue Guy was able to come to the scene. Randall was an experienced cat-rescuer in the Baton Rouge area, so he was perfect for the job. 

He said, “Being retired, this is my joy. I rescue cats using the least stressful methods that is suitable for the situation.” 

Courtesy of Sunny Sweeney

Randall to the Rescue 

Randall met Sunny in the parking lot and he was able to safely get the kitten.

The job was not too hard because the orange kitty could not run away with his broken leg. 

Once Randall rescued him and showed the kitten he was there to help, the little guy was super sweet. 

Courtesy of Sunny Sweeney

The Road to Recovery

Randall took him to the vet to take a look at the injuries, and the vet came to the conclusion that the bad leg needed to be amputated. This was both good and bad news. 

The good news was that the kitty would survive with proper medical treatment, but the bad news was that it would cost thousands of dollars.

Courtesy of Sunny Sweeney

Kind Hearts and Loyal Fans 

Sunny herself donated to the cause and asked her loyal fans on Facebook if any of them would be interested in donating too.

To her surprise, many people wanted to help. Finally, a nonprofit organization called PURRS of HOPE Rescue took the kitten. 

The tiny orange baby finally got a name too! He was called Sunny after Sunny Sweeney.

The surgery was a success, and the country star was so happy. She was able to raise $3,000 through her and donations from others.

Courtesy of Sunny Sweeney.

Happily Ever After 

Little ginger Sunny is now in foster care with one of the veterinarians until he finds his forever home.

Sunny Sweeney told her fans on Facebook that whoever adopts the kitten must make a promise: to keep her updated and send pictures!

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  1. Glad the cat got helped that was a steep cost from the vet i oaid 75.oo for a stray that had to have his leg taken some. vets are steep hope the cats finds a good home

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