Cyclists Rescue Abandoned Kitten In Forest

Cyclists Rescue Abandoned Kitten In Forest

When cyclists Céline and Derek investigated a strange noise, they made a shocking discovery. 

Keep reading to uncover the incredible journey of these two bikers and their new friend!

Stopped In Their Tracks

It was just another typical day in France for the couple who was biking on some remote trails in the countryside. 

As they were riding, they couldn’t help but notice the strange, squeaky noise coming from a roadside bush…

Source: Céline

“At first, we thought it was some kind of bird so we stopped and tried to see where the noise was coming from,” said Céline. But this was no bird!

After some major persuasion, the frightened little animal poked its head out of the bushes. It was a tiny kitten!

Overcoming Obstacles

Céline urged the kitten to come out. After sniffing around, the tiny cat decided that she could trust the bikers. She jumped in Céline’s arms and made herself cozy!

Source: Céline

However-there was one problem. Bicycles have no place to stow away a kitten, and the ride home was a long one. So, the couple had to think of an alternative. 

They decided to leave her in the bush with hopes that when they returned she would still be there.

Then, the couple raced back home on their bikes so they could return and rescue their newly discovered kitten.

The Big Day

About an hour later, the couple had returned with a cardboard box. Céline called out for the kitten, but received no response. The couple was nervous – had the kitten wandered off?

The couple was relentless. They were not going to give up! They continued to search and finally struck gold! 

The kitten popped out of hiding place and into the arms of her new family.

Source: Céline

Settling In

It did not take long for the kitten to settle into her forever home. hey decided to name her “Mini Kitty.”

She gave them all of her love, and as Céline recalls, “She spent her first evening giving my husband a thank-you grooming session.”

Source: Céline

For a mini kitty, she managed to make big progress in the days that followed. Mini kitty had an even bigger appetite for food – she just couldn’t get enough!

Snuggling with her new owners became her favorite past time. She wanted them to know how grateful she was for rescuing her.

“She is a lovely cat, very friendly and playful. As soon as she hears us getting up, she runs up the stairs to greet us by purring and head butting us,” Céline remarked.

Snuggle Extraordinaire

Mini Kitty spent many of her next days snuggling almost everyone, including her new siblings (a dog and another cat)!

Source: Céline

Her loving and compassionate spirit earned her a loving forever home. 

And, although she has grown quite a bit from the day she was rescued, she still keeps up the same habits. Here’s a photo of the not-so-mini kitty doing what she does best!

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Happy Endings

When Derek and Céline investigated a strange sound, they had no idea that they would find a lifelong companion.

Biking is their favorite hobby, and it also led them to a member of their family who they will share countless memories with!

Source: Céline

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