Kitten With Rare Disability Rescued From Streets Is So Happy She Can Finally Walk

Kitten With Rare Disability Rescued From Streets Is So Happy She Can Finally Walk

In early November of 2019, a local resident of North San Diego County, CA noticed a tiny kitten all alone outside. 

Her front legs were laid out to the sides of her body, she was trying her absolute best, but she still struggled to find her way to walk.

Keep reading to learn how this disabled kitten found her way to a life of love and acceptance.

The Gifted Kitten

A local rescue group, Love Your Feral Felines, was notified about the kitten and offered to help.

The Director of the group immediately brought her to their vet to begin treatment.

She was diagnosed with Swimmers Syndrome.

This is a rare developmental deformity in newborn cats and dogs where the back limbs are spread sideways, rather than upright, resulting in the inability to stand or walk.

Courtesy of The 2 Pound Kitten Club

Luckily, the kitten was still young. The odds were in her favor because she was still very young and flexible, which improved the chances that she would be able to walk again.

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A Beautiful Melody

They decided to name her Melody, after Ariel’s daughter in The Little Mermaid II.

Heather Thomas, a foster volunteer of the rescue explained, “It’s a nod to swimmer syndrome without being all about it.”

To increase her dexterity and to assist holding her legs, she wore two bandages that wrapped around her front legs and were connected in the middle.

This also helped Melody build muscle tissue during her daily exercise and stretching routines, along with walking practice.

Heather and her daughter, Keely, volunteered to foster her while she continued in her healing journey.

Courtesy of The 2 Pound Kitten Club

Finding Balance

Melody loves her new foster siblings and having someone to play with. When it comes to doing activities normal cats can do, Melody doesn’t let her condition hold her back one bit.

If she gets knocked down by one of her brothers or sisters, she doesn’t hesitate to get right back up!

She loves to explore and practice running. With each passing day, she grows stronger, faster, and braver to discover new things.

Courtesy of The 2 Pound Kitten Club

Standing Strong

After a few weeks of bandages and therapy, she made outstanding improvements.

Her left leg was almost completely healed, but her right leg looked like it had a slight deformity.

Despite the setbacks, she doesn’t show any sign of weakness.

Courtesy of The 2 Pound Kitten Club

All of Melody’s hard work had finally paid off. She was ready to remove her bandages.

She’s able to get in and out of her litter box, run, and leap with joy.

Melody is still with her foster family. She is healthy, happy, and grows stronger every day. 

Courtesy of The 2 Pound Kitten Club

She loves to run with her foster siblings and play. We can all learn something from little Melody.

Her story is one of determination and perseverance. 

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16 Replies to “Kitten With Rare Disability Rescued From Streets Is So Happy She Can Finally Walk”

  1. Thank you to everybody that rescued Melody. Also thank you to her foster family for helping her to recover and grow strong and giving her lots of love. This is a beautiful story. Melody is a beautiful precious little fur baby.💖 Merry Christmas Melody and to your foster brothers and sisters, also to your foster hoomans.

  2. Babies with swimmers can learn to walk as long as it is caught early and their breast plate gets molded to a point because puppies and kittens can be born with a flat breast plate and it can be caught and fixed if caught very young.

  3. That is so awesome that this adorable baby was rescued and helped !!! Some would just have put her down instead. I’m so thankful for people with compassion and understanding that rescue and help all Animals !!!!! This world needs more of that
    Beautiful little Melody !!😻😻😻

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