Homeless Kitten Meowing For Help Makes Amazing Transformation

Homeless Kitten Meowing For Help Makes Amazing Transformation

This is the story of a tiny kitten who overcame huge obstacles with a kind stranger’s help! 

Keep reading to discover how this unsuspecting sick kitten found hope through the help of some friends. 

A Surprise Visitor

One afternoon in Palm Beach, Florida, a local resident was taken by surprise when she found a frail, helpless little kitten right outside her front door desperately meowing for help.

The poor kitten was in awful shape, frail and dehydrated.

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

He had markings in the shape of a little tuxedo, his fur was greasy and matted. His eyesight was impaired, due to an eye infection. 

He was suffering from a terrible skin disease called mange and he also had GI tract issues.

Searching For Answers

The woman took the baby kitten in and started to give him such much needed love and care, but he refused to eat and continued to cry!

She decided to reach out to an online community for help and advice.  

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

Help and Hope 

Carmen Weinberg, founder of the Animal Friends Project, Carmen Weinberg, offered the woman who found the little kitten some help.

Carmen explained how no one was offering help, so she decided to step in.

Once the baby kitten arrived in Carmen’s care, she quickly placed him on a heating pad inside of a carrier and her husband gave him some wet food which he devoured.

They could see this baby boy was a fighter.

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

After he had  a full belly, a much-needed bath and lots of cuddles, he started meowing.

Only this time it wasn’t for help, it was for more attention from his rescuers. He was happy he was finally being loved!!

“He was very sweet, just wanted to be cuddled,” Carmen said.

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Part Of The Family 

Carmen and her husband decided they would name this precious baby boy “Whiskers” because he had some incredibly long whiskers to be proud of.

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

A Strong Recovery

With proper treatment and nutrition, Whiskers made a strong comeback.

In just a couple of days, his eyes cleared up. His energy was restored and he was ready to play! He was finally a happy and healthy kitten.

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

After a few weeks of continuous treatment and love, Whiskers had made a remarkable recovery! 

His tuxedo coat was full and soft, his eyes were completely clear and shined bright with hope.

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

Happily Ever After

When Carmen discovered Whiskers, he was a starving kitten desperate for help. He was less than a pound and in terrible condition.

Whiskers’s transformation is heartwarming! With Carmen’s help, he has made a full recovery and ready to show off his spunky personality. 

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7 Replies to “Homeless Kitten Meowing For Help Makes Amazing Transformation”

  1. I have a stray mommy kitten she is black and white and she had five tuxedo kittens I have them all now they have all been neutered and spayed except for one that we couldn’t catch that eat twice a day and they come in when it rains and iwhen it’s cold I can’t stand to have them outside but they are wild , some let me pet them and one or two will sit on my lap. There is a total of six they come in when I call them for breakfast and dinner. I try to keep them in as much as I can, but they don’t really like it

  2. All of our babies are rescues. Two just walked in the house and decided to stay. The momma was pregnant and they became part of our family also. We still have 5 recuses total. 2 boys and 3 girls and they are spoiled rotten but we love them. They are our kids.

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