Kitten Born With Special Face Finds People Who Think She’s Beautiful No Matter What

Kitten Born With Special Face Finds People Who Think She’s Beautiful No Matter What

In this amazing story you’ll meet Zara who teaches us that being different makes us special and should never hold us back from living our lives to the fullest!

One Determined Kitten

Zara was eight months old when she arrived at a local clinic in Charleston, West Virginia to be spayed. The vet took a close look at her and noticed something unusual.

Zara didn’t look like the average cat and wasn’t breathing like one either. This was concerning. The vet decided to take action.

They decided Zara needed to be seen by a specialist to make sure everything was okay.

Unfortunately, Zara’s owners had to surrender her. The could not provide the medical care she needed to live her best life.

But help was on the way! They reached out to a local rescue group in Charleston called Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (IBKC) for help.

Welcome, Welcome!

Zara was warmly welcomed with an abundance of ‘awws’ and cuddles by everyone from the rescue team.

She loved the attention! For now, this would be her home and she was in good hands.

Courtesy of Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Finding Answers

“She was taken to a local vet for exam. It was quickly determined that we needed an MRI for intensive diagnosis and possible treatment,” board member of IBKC, Kathy Lucas, stated.

Two of the IBKC volunteers traveled with Zara out of state to Ohio University Veterinary Medical Center to figure out what was wrong.

They finally recieved some answers.

Courtesy of Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Born This Way

“Zara has sight and can breathe normally on her right side. She has no left side nasal passage and one cannot be created for her. Her left eye did not develop. Her brain is asymmetrical but protected. No surgery is required.”

The important part is that she is not suffering. Zara was simply born this way. According to the vet, “Zara is who she is.” A sweet, trusting, and unique kitten.

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Unstoppable Zara

Zara was diagnosed with an ear infection, but that was quickly resolved with some medicine. She never complained and took the medicine like a champ.

After all her obstacles, Zara made leaps and bounds when she visited the vet.

She did everything that was needed and was right on schedule for her surgery to be spayed!

Courtesy of Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Finishing Strong!

Zara continues her journey stronger and sweeter than ever. She’s the happiest when she is being cuddled and brings joy to everyone she meets.

She’s a sweet, affectionate kitten who is beautiful on the inside and out!

Do agree that Zara is beautiful? Let us know in the comments below.

Courtesy of Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

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41 Replies to “Kitten Born With Special Face Finds People Who Think She’s Beautiful No Matter What”

  1. Glad that she has people who are willing to help her life a long and loving life. She’s very pretty and definitely a very good patient! Thank you for caring so much!

    1. The original parents who found should of been able to keep the cat because just to exam him shouldn’t be that expensive…. The original owner should of been able to keep the cat because just to EXAM the cat shouldn’t of been EXPENSIVE.🐾🐾

      1. You must not own cats or dogs. They are our 4 legged fur BABIES and can cost as much in love and care as human babies.

  2. I would take her in a minute. She’s beautiful and strong. She would make the sun shine on for whoever is blessed with her presence Amen God bless you little girl

  3. I hope she was returned to her owner that brought her in. Obviously, they loved her enough to bring her in to be spay. And they loved her enough to look over themselves, put her first and surrendered her for her medical best interest. Findings, that Zara isnt in pain or suffering and that nothing can be done surgically or permanently for this perfect “baby, i was born this way” her owner shouldn’t be punished for not being wealthy. They are rich with love for Zara and deserve to have her back❤

  4. She’s lovely, inside and outside. People place far too much emphasis on appearance, when we know that what’s important is what’s inside. God bless little Zara!

  5. Zara is a remarkable kitten! She is beautiful and especially lovely from the inside out. I would love to have her as my companion!

  6. She’s a cat. What is more beautiful? She is differnt, but it is normal for her. She’s a normal kitty otherwise and deserves everything any other kitty needs. Love, Respect and a. Loving Home.

  7. She is one of the most beautiful cats in the world her being different only adds to her beauty and makes her extra special

  8. Zara is one of God’s beautifully unique kitties and deserves a loving family. It’s a shame since she doesn’t need surgery she couldn’t go back to her original owners if they wanted her.

  9. She is beautiful! We need to remember beauty is only skin deep and it is what is on the inside that matters! She is so fortunate to find people that are willing to love her unconditionally! Sweet Zara- enjoy your new life!!

  10. I think Zara is adorable. Cats are different from one another just as people are different! I wish they were able to help her original owners financially because they loved her the wAy she was! Since this wasn’t possible, I hope she has found her furrever home!!

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