Kitten Found Crying Alone By River Has Special Way Of Saying ‘Thank You’

Kitten Found Crying Alone By River Has Special Way Of Saying ‘Thank You’

In this heartwarming story you’ll learn about a newborn kitten found all alone by a river who used his mighty voice to cry for help.

Keep reading to discover this kitten’s incredible story.

Little River Kitten

A local resident in Visalia, California was walking along the river and heard a desperate meow for help.

After following the sound, the resident found a tiny gray kitten all alone and no sign of his mother.

The resident took the newborn to The Cat House on the Kings, a rescue sanctuary in Parlier, California and they graciously opened their doors.

Blue Eyed Wonder

At just 4 weeks old, this little kitten was a fighter! He was so little, but gifted with a powerful voice and piercing blue eyes.

“We have no idea how he came to be separated from his mom, but he was all alone where he shouldn’t have been. He was teeny tiny when he was found, all meows and eyes.” said Harvie Schreiber of the rescue.

Courtesy of The Cat House on the Kings

The kitten was extremely malnourished. A handful of volunteers along with Nikki Martinez, Adoption Coordinator of the rescue, began immediate round the clock bottle-feedings.

Dorian, The Cuddle-Bug

They decided to name him Dorian. He was a little anxious, but grateful to be in good hands.  While he was being cared for, he would always purr up a storm with appreciation.

Courtesy of The Cat House on the Kings

He longed for  attention whenever he could get it. Dorian loves being around his caretakers and would squeak with chipper meows when he was ready for attention.

After every meal, he would receive cuddle sessions and his satisfying purrs were proof it was all he ever wanted.

Cuddles sessions are probably Dorian’s way of saying “thank you” to the people who have given him such a wonderful life. He wants to show everyone how happy he is to be with them.

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New Friends, New Hope

Karla Cortez, a volunteer of the rescue, took him into her care at nights and on weekends. Her son, Isaiah was a wonderful helper.

He would keep Dorian company, and they would play and cuddle together making sure Dorian constantly felt secure and loved.

Courtesy of The Cat House on the Kings

Dorian is still very little weighing under two pounds at 10 weeks old. But being tiny doesn’t stop him from enjoying his life.

He’s a very affectionate, warmhearted, and grateful kitten.

Dorian doesn’t have a mom, so the people who take care of him are his new family.

He follows his foster mom and Isiah around the house voicing his need for snacks and cuddles. Dorian is happiest when he’s around the people who love him.

Courtesy of The Cat House on the Kings

A New Life

Dorian was found all alone wandering around a river at just 4 weeks old. If it wasn’t for the kind hero who rescued him and the loving staff at the Cat House on the Kings, his life would have been in great danger. 

Dorian has been given a new chance at life and he is tremendously grateful for his new family. His powerful purring and endless demand for cuddles are a testament to how thankful he is.

Dorian continues to live happily and grow stronger with his foster family.

Courtesy of The Cat House on the Kings
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  1. Bless his rescuer….. a big thank you to everyone involved in making him happy and taking very good care of him. He sure is an adorable little baby. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. If I lived in California I would adopt the precious adorable little fur baby.💖 I’d also have to have my own place. But I love cats.

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