5 Kittens Rescued From Storm Drain – Tiny Runt Proves He’s a Fighter

5 Kittens Rescued From Storm Drain – Tiny Runt Proves He’s a Fighter

Five infant kittens were found alone in a storm drain on Staten Island. Motherless and homeless, these babies desperately needed help.

Luckily, the Animal Care Center of New York City was told about the litter of five and took immediate action to rescue them! 

Keep reading to discover these kittens’ incredible rescue journey.

All For One and One For All

At two weeks old, the smallest baby boy kitten, Henry, weighed only half the size of his siblings at a mere 122 grams (to put it in perspective, that’s only 4.3 ounces). 

Courtesy of Jess Thoren

The chances of him pulling through were slim. One of the volunteers with the rescue, Jess Thoren, knew that it was going to take a lot of work to make sure he survived. 

She heroically stepped in to help and took all five infant kittens to her home.

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Beating The Odds

All odds were stacked against the tiniest baby.

For the first few days, Jess had to do round-the-clock feedings with a tube while also keeping Henry hydrated.

She frequently checked his temperature, making sure he always stayed warm.  

Courtesy of Jess Thoren

Soon enough, things started to look up for tiny Henry.

He began to show signs of energy and started to regain his voice with a meow when he wanted food from Jess.

Henry, The Comeback Tabby

In the days following, Henry really started to show strength and weight gain.

Even though he couldn’t mature alongside his siblings, he didn’t let that stop him from doing his best to catch up with them.

Courtesy of Jess Thoren

“Henry is still not as coordinated as his siblings and is definitely a late bloomer, but he’s getting there, “Jess explained.

Henry has found his voice in expressing himself.

Whether it be him being hungry, wanting cuddles, or just stating his opinion, he’s quick to let his foster parents know with a colorful meow.

Courtesy of Jess Thoren

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

It’s been almost a month since the kittens were rescued.

Despite the many obstacles in Henry’s recovery, he made it!

Courtesy of Jess Thoren

He may not be quite up to speed with the rest of his siblings, but his determination shines through when it’s play time and does his best to keep up.

Henry and his four siblings are healthy and thriving, enjoying lots of love and lots of cuddles with their foster mom, Jess.

Courtesy of Jess Thoren

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