Kitten Survives Hurricane & Enjoys First Christmas With Couple Who Saved His Life

Kitten Survives Hurricane & Enjoys First Christmas With Couple Who Saved His Life

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When Alexis Sardalla and her husband bunkered down to prepare for Hurricane Isaias in August, they were worried about keeping their pets safe and how long their electricity would be out. 

But when the couple woke up the next morning, they found an entirely new problem on their doorstep.

Surprise After the Storm

Alexis clearly remembers the day her doorbell rang.

“My husband and I walked to the door…and it was a couple of the neighbor girls under the age of five with a kitten in their hands,” she recalled.

The girls asked if the kitten was theirs and said that it had been trapped in the bushes in front of their house. 

The small grey kitten didn’t belong to Alexis or her husband, but as soon as they saw the kitten’s condition, they knew they had to do something.

Determined to Help

“He was in pretty rough shape. I actually didn’t think he was alive at first,” Alexis said. 

They immediately contacted their vet who was able to squeeze them in for an emergency appointment. 

The kitten was severely malnourished and dehydrated.

They learned he was eight weeks old, despite weighing less than one pound. 

“He weighed less than nothing, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got blown into the bushes and got stuck,” Alexis said. “He was so skinny, to the point that lifting him was like picking up a feather.”

Being underweight was one of the many complications this kitten suffered.

His ears had been cut in half, fur was missing, and he was infested with fleas, ear mites, and other parasites.

He had a long road to recovery ahead, but the couple was determined to help.

Love at First Sight

When Alexis and her husband brought the kitten back from the vet, he was exhausted. 

Between his meals and medicine, he slept.  

The couple was determined to provide him with diligent care during his recovery journey.

Most importantly, they made him feel loved. 

The decision had been clear all along. They were going to keep him!

“I was in love from the start and I wanted him, there was no doubt in my mind,” Alexis said. 

Their existing cat, Olaf, and golden retriever, Layla, also agreed.

“They just meshed perfectly,” Alexis said. 

A Fresh Start

And so they officially welcomed the kitten into their family.  

They named him Sven after Alexis’ love for the movie, Frozen

Now, months later and nearing his first Christmas, Sven has settled in perfectly with his forever family. 

Though he does struggle with food guarding, he’s slowly getting better.

“He’s the classic little brother right now, the baby brother. When he’s not sleeping, he’s bothering everybody else,” Alexis said.

“Quite hyper, I don’t remember seeing any other cat like this. He’s just genuinely happy. He’s safe, he’s finally building trust,” Alexis explained.

Sven’s First Christmas

Some of Sven’s favorite activities are watching people shower, pouncing on hair ties, and climbing in slippers. 

Now that Sven is experiencing his first Christmas, he’s discovered a new passion: destroying the Christmas tree. 

Alexis recalls putting up the Christmas tree and said, “Within a minute he had already chewed off two limbs.” 

He also loved climbing up the tree and sleeping on the limbs. “He’s a pro,” Alexis joked. “It’s a non-stop battle.” 

Worried about electrocution and other health hazards, the couple did their best to keep Sven away from the tree. 

But they eventually had to admit defeat and take the tree down.

Removing the Christmas tree was a small sacrifice to keep their little one out of harm’s way.

Sven didn’t understand this, of course. He thought the Christmas tree was a giant toy!

Despite his initial disappointment, Sven quickly recovered and went back to smaller (and safer) toys.

Happily Ever After

“He’s come a long way, I’m very grateful,” said Alexis. 

Alexis isn’t the only one who is grateful. Sven would have suffered a terrible fate had it not been for Alexis and her husband. 

He went from fighting for his life to being showered with love and attention in a home he can finally call his own. 

Now Sven can focus on playing, pouncing, and enjoying his first Christmas with his forever family.

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  1. Wow glad his little life was saved bless the family who took him in and took care of hi? Medically and gave him a ❤ ing and caring home

  2. What a great ending to a terrible situation for this little bundle of cuteness ! Thx to Alexis and her husband for saving Sven !

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