Woman Rushes to Rescue Suffering Kitten Trapped in Plastic

Woman Rushes to Rescue Suffering Kitten Trapped in Plastic

In early September of this year, a local resident of South Orange, New Jersey witnessed something very disturbing.

Keep reading to learn how this heroic woman sprung into action to save this helpless kitten trapped in plastic.

A Lucky Discovery

Animal rescuer, Whitney Malin, was shocked when she stumbled upon a stray kitten hopelessly trapped in plastic. 

It appears the kitten had accidentally lodged herself into a small opening of the plastic and became stuck.

Courtesy of Whitney Malin

Whitney knew she had to help, but the kitten was very anxious and fearful of anyone who tried to approach her.

Experienced in stray rescue, Whitney prepared a cruelty-free humane trap and placed it around the area where the kitten had been spotted in the neighborhood.

Freedom at Last 

There were children outside playing and making a lot of noise. Being so timid, it took a while for the kitten to come out of hiding. With a little persistence, Whitney was successful in safely rescuing her.

Courtesy of Whitney Malin

She took the kitten to her home and allowed time for her to settle.

Once she was calm, Whitney was able to remove the plastic burden and she was finally free!

Josie The Tabby

After the all stress and anxiety the kitten had to experience, Whitney placed her on some comfy towels.

There, she was free to rest and recuperate in a peaceful and quiet room of her own.

Courtesy of Whitney Malin

In the following days, Whitney decided to name her Josie. She started working on getting her to the vet for a proper examination.  

Josie was very scared at first, but as the days passed, she cautiously started warming up to her rescuer and others.  

A Little Help From Friends

Josie had her first vet visit and tested negative for all infections and diseases.

Luckily, she had no injuries from her plastic contraption. She was a little underweight at 5 lbs and was around 7 months old.

Courtesy of Whitney Malin

With generous donations from the online community, Whitney was able to make Josie’s follow-up vet visit.

Josie is up-to-date on all shots, has been spayed, micro-chipped and is healthier than ever!

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Getting Settled 

Josie was still sensitive to noise and hesitant around people. She actively sought out places to run away and hide, but Whitney was patient.

Whitney worked hard to make Josie more confident of her surroundings and trusting of other people.  

Courtesy of Whitney Malin

Three weeks after being rescued, Josie had a breakthrough and initiated her first cuddle session with Whitney.

A Fresh Start

Josie is healthy, happy, and becoming more confident with each passing day.

She is officially up for adoption and from the looks of it, she will have a forever home in no time.

Courtesy of Whitney Malin

Josie went from living alone on the streets with a torturous plastic handicap to finding freedom, peace, and a wonderful foster home.

Josie has a wonderful new life and truly is one lucky tabby!

Josie’s Lesson to Us 

Josie was noticed by a kind hero – other animals aren’t as lucky. Too many animals lose their lives from plastic related death. 

Most animals wander into these plastic death traps while looking for food. They have no idea what human waste is and that it can kill them.  

Humans are directly responsible for these tragedies despite them being completely preventable.

Do Your Part

Do your part to prevent these accidents and keep animals safe from plastic related deaths. 

Don’t litter and clean litter where you see it. Don’t assume someone else will take care of it. 

Make sure your trash is going to a trustworthy waste management facility and participate in neighborhood cleanup projects. 

Be the change you want to see in the world so little animals like Josie don’t have to suffer! 

Courtesy of Whitney Malin

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  1. It is amazing how many helpless creatures need our help and, in so many different ways! Thank you for helping Josie and giving her a secure and loving home!

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