Kitten With Missing Paw Grateful To Be Rescued & Loved For The First Time

Kitten With Missing Paw Grateful To Be Rescued & Loved For The First Time

In Early November of 2019, a few volunteers of Sparkle Cat Rescue stumbled upon a Facebook post about an infant kitten missing a paw.

She desperately needed to be rescued and Sparkle Cat Rescue volunteers were determined to find her.

Keep reading to find out how this brave kitten was given a second chance by volunteers who went to great lengths to save her.

Don’t Take “No” For An Answer

In Burlington, North Carolina, Kristi and Eric, volunteers of Sparkle Cat Rescue, were browsing through their local online community when they noticed shocking Facebook post.

The post described a kitten missing a paw who needed urgent medical attention.

By the time Kristi and Eric responded to the post, the little kitten had already been taken to the shelter. 

Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

The two rescuers knew the kitten would need more than the average shelter was going to give.

Since the kitten was so young with a missing limb, it would need special attention. 

Unfortunately, Kristi and Eric didn’t know which shelter the kitten was taken to, but they were determined to find her.

The Search Begins

That same night, Kristi and Eric decided to reach out to one of their colleagues, Brian.

Brian drove to the shelter he worked at to check for the kitten, but she was not there.

Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

Brian wasn’t ready to give up either. He made a trip to the Mebane Police Department to explore the possibility of any information they might have about the kitten.

As luck would have it, an infant kitten matching the description Brian gave was surrendered to the Orange County Animal Shelter in North Carolina that very evening. 

Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

The next morning Sparkle Cat reached out to OCAS with no answer. They left multiple messages and patiently waited for a response.

That same afternoon, around 2:00pm, their call was answered and confirmed the kitten was there.

Sparkle Cat and volunteers were ready to step in and give this baby the life she always deserved. 

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It Takes A Village

Rowan drove to pick up the kitten in Orange County, NC, then drove to Mebane, NC to meet Eric and Kristi. 

The two then drove to Greensboro, NC to meet another volunteer, Sarah Kelly, the kitten’s new foster mom.

Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

“It took a village to get her,” Stephanie Grantham, Co-Founder/Executive Director of Sparkle Cat Rescue, stated.

The group of rescuers decided to name the kitten Uni.

“She is one of a kind and being a singleton girl, we thought we’d make the name ‘Uno’ a bit more feminine and call her Uni,” Sarah explained

Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

Upon the kitten’s arrival, Sarah immediately made a vet appointment within the same week.

“It is believed Uni’s missing paw was due to a young, overzealous mom cleaning her too aggressively at birth, or that it got caught on something in the first few days of life,” Sarah stated.  

Uni, The Brave One

Her rescuers named her Uni. Uni was so grateful to be in good hands. 

Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

She’s incredibly friendly and loves to be the big boss when it comes to receiving endless amounts of kisses and cuddles. 

Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

She’s also very determined, relying on her tail and other three paws for balance. Uni never gives up.

Despite her being so tiny and handicapped, she’s still incredibly strong.

Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

Happily Ever After

Thanks to the endless work and tireless efforts of the rescue’s volunteers, Uni was given the right medical attention and is destined to have a wonderful life.

Uni is now in a safe and loving home. Thank you Sparkle Cat Rescue!

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7 Replies to “Kitten With Missing Paw Grateful To Be Rescued & Loved For The First Time”

  1. An amazing miracle, she’s so precious and beautiful. I would do the same to get her back. Thank you all involved for the endless search and rescue! Thank you.

  2. Sometimes I lose faith in people, especially when they are cruel to animals and people, but stories like this remind me that there are many GOOD people out there, and they manage to take on almost anything to help animals and people! Thank you for sharing this story.

  3. Thank you Kristi, Eric and Brian for saving this gorgeous little darling !!! She’s just precious, as they all are, and she probably would not have survived in the shelter

  4. What a wonderful story. As a housebound cat lover with two loyal kitties, I would go to same extremes to rescue an animal in need. Bless you three.

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