Mama Cat Abandoned Before Birth So Happy When Her Only Kitten Survives

Mama Cat Abandoned Before Birth So Happy When Her Only Kitten Survives

Right before giving birth, a poor mama cat was abandoned when she needed help the most. 

Keep reading to discover her incredible journey!

Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

Getting To Safety

A kind soul made a post online sharing the mama’s situation.

The founder of Kitten Rescue Life, Amanda, was quick to answer the call after seeing the post online.

Waking up at 4am in the morning, Amanda drove hours to the shelter while the mother cat was in labor. She knew this cat would need a helping hand.

Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

A Baby Boy

When she finally made it to the shelter, she was met by a full grown orange tabby curled around a tiny fluff ball.

The mama had given birth in the night to a single kitty and was protecting him.

Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

With mama and kitten in tow, Amanda took them back home where they would be safe.

Once they were home, Amanda waited for any more kittens to come. But, it didn’t seem like there would be any more kittens.

Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

Another Surprise

Amanda took both the cat and her baby to the vet to make sure they were both okay. Sure enough, the vet spotted another kitten stuck inside.

Rushing the mama to an emergency operation, the vets diligently worked to get the other kitten out through c-section. 

A Life Saved

Although the vets did everything they could, the second kitten had a severe deformity and consequently didn’t make it.

But, through the care and expertise of the vets, the mother’s life was saved. 

Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

Back home safe, the mother lost no time in getting back to her maternal responsibilities.

Fresh from the operation, she began grooming and licking her little one, making sure they felt safe and cared for.

Lasagna and Meatball

Due to her color and personality, Amanda named the mother cat Lasagna. 

Lasagna’s kitten is almost a clone of his mother. They share the same fur patterns and markings, from head to toe.

So naturally, Amanda dubbed the little fur-baby boy Meatball. 

Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

Having no other babies to care for, all of Lasagna’s care and attention goes to Meatball.

“She’s very protective and nurturing, but she lets me handle her baby to weigh him and make sure he’s gaining weight. She’s the most attentive and affectionate mama I’ve ever rescued,” Amanda says.

Safe and Sound

Wanting to make sure the two know they are finally home and safe, Amanda has set up a tight, comfortable pen for the two to cuddle up and relax. 

Lasagna knows now that she and her kitten are safe now, giving her the much needed time to relax, sleep, and let her little baby nurse.

Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

A Growing Boy

While vet’s were initially slightly worried about little Meatball, considering the full situation, he’s proving to be quite the healthy little kitten. 

With the help of Amanda and the constant care of his mother, he has fully recovered and has begun to gain weight regularly.

Courtesy of Kitten Rescue Life

Meatball should begin crawling in the next few weeks!

Mama Lasagna continues to dote on her baby boy while Amanda carefully oversees the recovery of her two fur babies.

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8 Replies to “Mama Cat Abandoned Before Birth So Happy When Her Only Kitten Survives”

  1. I know how that mother cat feels….Candy Cane was tossed out onto the street after her former owner found out her being a female. When I got her to trust me, she was very pregnant. I took her in. A week and a half later, she gave birth to only two kittens, one which didn’t survive after birth. I kept both her and the surviving kitten until my own situation force me to make a choice. Candy had stayed with me, until her last four seizures caused her quality of life shown she wasn’t going to get better. But now she is in a better place and waiting for me.

  2. What a good story as are all posted here. That was one lucky cat. Who knows what would have happened and what a kind person Amanda is to have done all that. With all that I see done to animals I always have to remember there are good people like her who care and help. Thank you Amanda. (Why does this site have a kittens for sale ad though))

  3. Precious and most lovely warm and loving story. Thank you for sharing these 2 precious life’s. May God bless you. Thank you once again!

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