Mama Cat So Grateful To Be Reunited With Her Lost Babies

Mama Cat So Grateful To Be Reunited With Her Lost Babies

Not too long ago, four sad little 10-day old newborn kittens were brought to a shelter in Downey, California without their mother.

The shelter was desperately trying to find them help – without their mother, the newborn kittens were at serious risk of danger.

Credits: Wrenn Rescues

Jumping into Action

Acting quickly, they contacted the co-founder of Wrenn Rescues, Alissa Smith.

“There were only 15 minutes left, and no one else was able to take them but thankfully, the networking group got them out safely, and a wonderful woman named CJ transported them all the way out to Ventura County, California to us,” Alissa reports.

Credits: Wrenn Rescues

The young kittens were originally found in a local resident’s yard along with their mother.

Unfortunately, the mama cat became extremely frightened and ran away before anyone could catch her.

Help from Kind Hearts

As soon as the kittens arrived at Wrenn Rescues, Ashley, a foster parent volunteer, was quick to start bottle feeding the kittens at night.

Kittens as young as these needed to be bottle fed every couple of hours. 

Jenifer Hurt, another co-founder of the rescue, took over the bottle duties during the day.

Both Jennifer and Ashley always worked together to ensure the kittens had full bellies.

Credits: Wrenn Rescues

“The kittens were very obviously well taken care of by their cat mama. When orphaned kittens land into the shelter, they don’t usually see their mama again,” Alissa said. 

“This is another important reason to leave kittens where they are found (and wait for the mom) instead of taking them to the shelter immediately” Alissa advises.

Jennifer and Ashley had accepted the responsibility to raise the kittens until they were weaned and ready for adoption. But then, a miracle happened!

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Mama Cat Makes A Return!

The residents who initially found the kittens came home and were surprised to find the mama cat outside desperately searching for her babies. 

Credits: Wrenn Rescues

The residents were finally able to catch mama cat and bring her to the rescue center.

Reunited with Her Babies

The following day, the mama cat was brought to the foster home to be reunited with her babies!

At first, she was very timid and refused to come out of her carrier until Ashley brought one of the kittens close to her. 

“I held a baby up to her and she visibly calmed down. We coaxed her out of the carrier with it,” Ashley said.

“She went right over and curled up in the middle of her kittens, purring. They all went right to her and started nursing.”

Credits: Wrenn Rescues

Happy & Heart-Warming Endings

Finally, the sweet mama cat was exactly where she belonged. She was so grateful to be back with her babies.

She showed her happiness by purring and kneading as she nursed her babies.

“I don’t think we have ever seen something so heartwarming,” says Alissa. “So unbelievable that this miracle occurred. To say that the reunion went well is an understatement.”

Credits: Wrenn Rescues

Mama cat did not hesitate to show her rescuers how grateful she was. The next day, Ashley woke up to the mama cat snuggling up to her as if to say, “thank you”. 

“She is a patient mom and her gratitude to be back with her kittens is palpable. These are the happiest and luckiest babies” says Ashley.

Peace at Last

Despite being separated, Mama cat persevered and was reunited with her babies through the help of some friends. 

Now, she spends her days nursing her kittens safely and comfortably from her new and supportive foster home.

Credits: Wrenn Rescues

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10 Replies to “Mama Cat So Grateful To Be Reunited With Her Lost Babies”

  1. It is so refreshing to see stories such as this. There are some really good people and I am so glad mana and babies were reunited. A special thanks go out to all.

  2. There are those who say cats aren’t intelligent and don’t have feelings. This proves otherwise. Blessings on all of those who helped make this miracle happen.

  3. What a great Story. Glad the mom still took care of her kittens when she was away from them for a day. I hope the Kittens when they get old enough find fantastic forever homes. I hope the mom also finds a forever home too.

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