Officer Rescues Terrified Kitten Buried In Snow

Officer Rescues Terrified Kitten Buried In Snow

On a cold January night, a tiny black kitten got some much needed help from an officer in the Platteville, Wisconsin Police Department.

Found in a Ditch

The officer couldn’t see the kitty, but he could hear the cries.

As he searched the ditch, the crying got louder until finally, he found a little black kitten staring up at him hopefully, stuck in the snow and rocks.

Officer Matt Froiseth was patrolling on Highway 151 when he thought he heard a kitten crying.

The officer followed the sound and found a little black kitten in in a ditch that was covered in 3 feet of snow!

Safe and Warm at Last

Officer Froiseth sprang into action and managed to free the kitty from the ditch and take him back to his police cruiser to warm up.

The little kitty was snuggled up in the officer’s knit hat and wouldn’t leave his rescuer’s side.

Courtesy Platteville Police Department

The officer brought the kitten back to the police station, with the intention of getting him checked out by a vet, but all the kitten wanted was Officer Froiseth.

They decided that the trip to the vet could wait until nap time was over!

Courtesy Platteville Police Department

Clean Bill of Health

After a much needed nap and some love from his rescuer, the kitty got a clean bill of health from the vet!

Officer Froiseth figured the next step was finding the kitty a forever home.

Courtesy Platteville Police Department

Furrever Home with His Rescuer

The little black kitten knew that he already found his fur-ever home with Officer Froiseth.

The kitty would climb all over his back, shoulders, and arms and couldn’t bare to leave his side. The officer was his favorite person in the world!

Courtesy Platteville Police Department

Donut Takes Over

After giving serious thought to adding a kitty to his family, the officer knew it was the only choice.

It was love at first sight for both of them. He named the kitty, Donut, and brought him home.

Donut had his ups and downs after joining his new furrever family (which already included a family dog), but he adjusted in no time and couldn’t be happier.

Courtesy Platteville Police Department

Little Donut is thrilled to be safe and warm now. He still follows Officer Froiseth everywhere, and Donut’s favorite place to be is in his rescuers arms.

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National Donut Day!

On June of this year, the Platteville Police Department shared an update about Donut on, of all days, National Donut Day!

Donut is doing really well and has adjusted to everyone in his new family.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

A Happy Ending with a New Family

It’s hard to imagine what might have happened to Donut had Officer Froiseth not heard his call and come to his rescue on that cold, winter night in January.

Now Donut has a cozy life will never be cold and alone again. He has blossomed into a beautiful, healthy, and happy boy.

QUESTION: Do you think cats know they’ve been rescued?

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6 Replies to “Officer Rescues Terrified Kitten Buried In Snow”

  1. I have owned cats all my adult life. I had one precious Manx cat that lived 22 yrs. She passed away. I now have 4 cats 3 inside and one in and out. Mine are family.

  2. Yes, kittens and cats know once they’ve been rescued. I have 4 all rescues and they all seem to know I saved them. I’ve rescued many more and found homes for all. Several have had to be put down too sick to be saved for a long length of time. However m, for the short time I saved them they were happy to have shelter and food.

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