Tiny Kitten Rescued From Busy Road Clings to Stuffed Animal For Comfort

Tiny Kitten Rescued From Busy Road Clings to Stuffed Animal For Comfort

This tiny kitten almost met a tragic fate on a busy road last month. His life changed when a kind stranger spotted him seconds before crossing the road. 

Keep reading to find out how this kitten was given a second chance at life.

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

The Big Rescue 

An EMT was driving along one day and noticed a little black ball of fur barely the size of his hand on the side of a busy street in North Carolina. 

Courtesy of Sparkle Cat Rescue

He immediately knew he needed to rescue the kitten. He got out of his car and scooped up the kitten who as all alone. 

The dark grey, blue-eyed kitten was crying out for its mother and looked like it would not survive much longer without help. 

Life was about to change for this little kitten. He could finally rest knowing that someone would take care of him. 

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

In Luck and Just in Time

Luckily, the EMT (emergency medical technician) had a wife who volunteered for an animal rescue organization, Sparkle Cat Rescue. 

The second the kitten got to the rescue center, he was syringe-fed and examined for injuries. Sarah Kelly, a volunteer for the rescue center, would be the caretaker this little guy needed.

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

A Little Survivor

She appreciated how strong the baby was and wanted to show him the love he deserved.

Also, she named him after the wilderness explorer from the show Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls! 

She named him that for two reasons: one, because he looked like a miniature bear cub with his dark colors, and two, because he was a survivor just like the British man himself. 

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

Something that Kelly noticed from the start was Bear’s purr. It was no ordinary purr, but something very powerful for such a small creature.

He sounded more like a purring motor than a cat!

Once he turned 10 days old, Bear was always vocalizing how hungry he was and finally started to put some weight on his little bones.

Kelly provided him a special stuffed animal to keep him company so he never felt alone.

A Lone Wolf

Volunteers from Sparkle Cat Rescue went back several days later to check out the scene Bear had come from. 

It was near a construction site and they were worried that maybe some of his siblings were trapped in the same area.

They came back empty handed, though. Bear was truly alone when he was found!

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

A Fresh Start

A few weeks after he was rescued, Bear was thriving at his foster home and awaits the day that he gets to find his forever family. 

He has a feisty personality and purrs constantly. Kelly loves to take photos of him and his big, bright blue eyes because he is adorable in so many ways! 

Thanks to the kind hero who rescued him from those busy roads, Bear is warm, safe, and loved.

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8 Replies to “Tiny Kitten Rescued From Busy Road Clings to Stuffed Animal For Comfort”

  1. This little guy must have been abandoned …. terrible people that do such a thing! I am so happy that he was rescued, and is doing so well and now has a good life! God bless the hero that rescued him and all who have taken care of him to this point. Hoping and praying he gets a wonderful forever home with a loving family or person.

  2. Such a sweet, pretty, little thing. I’m so glad the EMT rescued him and then the wife took him to where he would be cared for. Thank y’all so very much. I wish so bad I could have him/her but I’ve already got 4!! Hope he gets a wonderful forever home where he’s loved and cared for unconditionally.

  3. Yes, I said ,we have 20 , terry says I can’t go over that number at this time… I was never, ever a cat person until a golden tabby that I named “Mama Kitty” would come by and I started feeding her. One summer day 2 yrs ago she came with a baby in her mouth and dropped this tiny calico at my feet. My husband said she wants you to take the baby. I admit reluctantly I picked the little one up and started crying, I called both my daughters, who works as a vet tech, I told them to come to my house, I have a baby with a eye hanging from babies eye socket. We named her a Sweetie, she is a one eyed beautiful calico.. that’s the start to a whole new adventure in our home..oh, Mama brought me 2 that day, Sweeties brothers name is “Mister” …

  4. God bless all if you fir caring and loving all the sweet babies you rescue. There will be a special place in heaven for you. I have adopted 5 homeless babies myself. I am in love with all of them, they are much loved!

  5. People dump black cats all the time. We found our little one on a road too. So glad Bear is safe and loved. We love him and his rescuer. <3

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