Homeless Kitten With Extra Toes Makes Life Changing Transformation

Homeless Kitten With Extra Toes Makes Life Changing Transformation

In early September, a kitten was brought to a pound in Montreal, Canada after being found all alone and in terrible condition. 

Keep reading to see how this unique little tabby was given a new chance at life!

Keep reading to discover this kitten’s incredible story.

Lost and Found

When the kitten was brought to the pound, he was starving, dehydrated, and had trouble breathing due to a severe case of an upper respiratory infection.

Despite his condition, this kitten was beautiful. He had gorgeous hair, big eyes, and huge paws. He also had extra toes which made him a polydactyl cat. 

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

Unfortunately, the pound did not have the tools and resources needed to help the kitten. 

But this wasn’t the end of the road for this beautiful kitten. The volunteers refused to give up on finding him kitten the help he needed. 

The Search for Help

They sent word out to the online community and contacted a local rescue group, Chantons Orphelins Montreal. They were relieved to receive an immediate response.

“The kitten was lucky. The group of volunteers tried to get him out of the pound before it was too late. We knew we had to help,” Cenline Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal explained.

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

A volunteer named Sue helped transport the cat to the rescue group and assistance getting the kitten ready for his new life.

“He was very tiny, just a bag of bones, but he made it. We named him Murphy,” said Sue.

Hanging Tough

Murphy’s condition was heartbreaking. His delicate bones projected through his skin, his fur was matted, and his eyes were crusted and sore.

Despite all the obstacles poor Murphy faced, his determination was reassuring. 

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

Murphy began his medical treatment and a foster volunteer, Amandine, stepped in and offered to be his foster mom.

“He quickly adapted to the new environment. Murphy started to heal and quickly showed his playful side. He loves to run and just have fun,” Celine stated.

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Healing Journey

Before too long, Murphy’s eyes became clearer and he would show more energy and playfulness with each passing day.

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

Murphy’s journey wasn’t over yet.  He was treated for lice and received a much-needed haircut.

As Murphy’s medical treatment continued, the vet noticed that he was partially deaf. However, this wasn’t going to stop Murphy from living the life of a normal kitten. 

Now that Murphy was getting healthier, he could enjoy a life where he was loved and cared for.

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

Mighty Murphy!

After a few weeks, Murphy made a complete transformation. His eyes were bright green, his energy level soared, and was gaining weight.

Despite his rough start, Murphy made it! This was all thanks to the kind volunteers at the pound who refused to give up on him. 

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

He’s determined, strong, and loving. Murphy is grateful for his rescuers and foster family for giving him the second chance he so desperately deserved.  

Murphy is being pampered in his new foster home. From playing and exploring to meowing for cuddles, he is taking every advantage at his new life.

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

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7 Replies to “Homeless Kitten With Extra Toes Makes Life Changing Transformation”

  1. God Bless all who helped save Murphy!!! He deserves a chance at a normal life. So happy he’s healing and gaining weight. He is gorgeous. I love all fur babies.

  2. What a wonderful story. Murphy is such a little cutie, and I so pray and hope he is adopted into a loving home very soon. He made such a transformation.

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