Rescued Momma Cat Cherishes Only Surviving Kitten – Their Bond is Incredible

Rescued Momma Cat Cherishes Only Surviving Kitten – Their Bond is Incredible

In early July, the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C. was brought a very pregnant cat. 

She was frail, dehydrated, and in active labor. Unfortunately, only one kitten from the litter survived.

They named him Shane and the momma cat, Shauna.

Courtesy of Susie

For the momma and baby to have a comfortable and safe place to recover, a volunteer, Susie H., offered her home to foster momma Shauna and her newborn. 

She had no idea what she was about to witness. 

Keep reading to discover the beautiful story about the special bond between this momma cat and her only baby.

Nothing Good Comes Easy

The beginning wasn’t easy. The first three weeks Shauna wasn’t producing milk, so Susie did routine bottle feedings with momma cat watching closely.

“It was both endearing and heartbreaking to see such a young cat trying to be a mom but not quite able to do it all. But together we’re caring for Shane as a team,” Susie explained.

Courtesy of Susie

Momma Shauna had been suffering from a stomach virus and was given medication.

Not long after taking her medicine, she was purring and back to attending to her newborn with baths and cuddles.

Conquering Obstacles

Newborn Shane, like any baby, didn’t care too much for bath time from foster mom Susie. 

But, as soon as momma Shauna started to give him a bath, he started purring up a storm. “It made my heart fill up,” Susie stated.

In the days that followed, Shauna’s health progressed, and her motherly instincts were kicking in..

Courtesy of Susie

Shauna gained a healthy amount of weight and was exceptionally attentive to baby Shane.

“She now bathes him regularly, allows him to suckle whenever he wants, responds to his cries, and cuddles him constantly with only short sojourns out of the nest,” Susie said.

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Growing and Learning Together

As baby Shane’s curiosity grew, momma Shauna was always close behind. 

The newborn could never wander far – his protective momma was quick to return him to the nest.  

Courtesy of Susie

“Mama Shauna is so attentive to her baby. She lets me take him out to feed him, but she keeps a close eye on us, hovering. As soon as we’re done and he lets out a mew, she calls back to him and then takes him out of my hands to bring him back to the nest.”

After those rough first three weeks, Shauna was producing milk. Baby Shane no longer needed to be bottle fed – he had his momma!.

Courtesy of Susie

Happy, Healthy Home

Shauna has fully recovered and grown into an exceptionally fine mother.

She’s taught her baby how to play with toys and has continued to be his biggest supporter.

Courtesy of Susie

Shane is growing strong. Full of play and eating on his own. He’s truly come along way.

They’re both healthy and happy. This special momma did everything in her power to be the best mom to her baby. 

Now both of them purr nonstop together and are thankful for all the attention and affection that helped them along the way.

Courtesy of Susie

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11 Replies to “Rescued Momma Cat Cherishes Only Surviving Kitten – Their Bond is Incredible”

  1. I am a proud cat mom of two awesome cats and enjoy hearing about heartwarming stories like this one! Also, I had shared my love of cats in my first book I had written a few years ago. The Romantic Cat Lady by Christine A Grabar. There is information about my book at Barnes and Noble, Author House, and Amazon.

  2. I have 5 wonderful kitties. 2 are sisters from the same litter and approx. 1-1/2 years old. The oldest are both 11 years old, and another from the same Momma cat that is almost 3 years old. Sad to say someone let the Momma cat out without getting spayed, that’s why 3 from, same Momma. I did get her spayed after 4 litters of kittens so that is it for Momma Kitty. Little kittens are the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Such a beautiful story. I hope momma and baby will be adopted together, as it would be cruel to separate them.

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