Rescued Orphan Kitten Befriends Another Orphan Kitten – Now They Are Family

Rescued Orphan Kitten Befriends Another Orphan Kitten – Now They Are Family

This is a story of two orphaned baby kittens who end up finding exactly what they need – each other.

Little Orphan Kitten

Mini Cat Town, a rescue center in San Jose, California, was notified of a very young kitten in desperate need of help.

He was found three weeks ago all alone outside. He was defenseless and covered in dirt.

Courtesy of Mini Cat Town

When he was rescued, he was so excited to be rescued that he began waving and kneading his paws with pure joy!

He was longing for love and attention.

The rescuers named the little baby Ralph and they had the perfect friend to set him up with…

Courtesy of Mini Cat Town

A Perfect Coincidence

A few days before Ralph was rescued, Mini Cat Town was brought another lonely tabby kitten named Burberry.

Burberry and Ralph were both found without any other siblings or momma cat.

They were both close in age and the rescue facility knew they would be great friends for one another.

Courtesy of Mini Cat Town

New Home, New Family

A director of Mini Cat Town, Laura Malone, brought the two kittens into her foster home.

Laura and her family spent a lot of time with both babies, giving them infinite amounts of kisses and hugs before the two met one another.  

Courtesy of Mini Cat Town

Laura had planned a meet and greet for Ralph and Burberry, but before they were able to be properly introduced, Burberry took the lead!

The next morning, Laura woke up to both kittens cuddling together in pure bliss.

“I went in to feed Ralph, and I guess Burberry shoved her potato self through the partition for an unapproved visit,” Laura explained.

Courtesy of Mini Cat Town

Best Friends Forever

Burberry followed Ralph everywhere and he was puzzled by his new companion.

Eventually, he placed his paw on her face and Burberry accepted by responding with the same gesture.

Courtesy of Mini Cat Town

Burberry was full of personality and the livelier of the two. She was determined to play with Ralph whether he liked it or not. 

She would start a little wrestling match by throwing herself at him.

After a while, Ralph broke out of his shell and the two were playing like brother and sister.

Courtesy of Mini Cat Town

“Burberry is calm, curious and playful. Ralph is a chatterbox. He communicates vocally when he wants pets, food and when he’s tired of Burberry’s playfulness,” Laura said.

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A Life-Long Friendship

The two are healthier and happier than ever. Playing, wrestling, and cuddling together.

When their foster parents are away, they have each other to keep company.

They were both found alone, but they’ll never be alone again.

Courtesy of Mini Cat Town

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