Sad Cat On Euthanasia List Adopted By Woman Who Refused To Leave Her Behind

Sad Cat On Euthanasia List Adopted By Woman Who Refused To Leave Her Behind

Some say you don’t choose a cat – a cat chooses you. This is exactly what happened to Daisy and her cat, Marmie. 

Keep reading to discover the story of how a 10 year old cat named Marmie was on the verge of being euthanized until someone finally saw the beauty in her.

A Shocking Discovery

In 2017, Daisy Austin (the adoption coordinator for the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter) was helping with adoption event in West Hollywood.

She had no idea she would end up meeting her new best friend.

Daisy went to a room that was not for public eyes and spotted a beautiful little cat named Marmie.

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

Marmie was 10 years old when she was found on the streets of Los Angeles. She was found starving and weighed a mere 4.5 pounds.

Her coat was in poor condition with matts and clumps of dirt. She also had a severe upper respiratory infection along with small abrasions across her face.

As soon as Marmie saw Daisy, she rubbed her head against the cage asking to be loved.

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

She had clearly lived a rough life and was yearning for companionship.

“She walked up to me and started rubbing her face all over my fingers, purring the whole time” Daisy explained.

The instant Daisy locked sight with Marmie’s big beautiful eyes, she knew she could never leave her behind. They had an instant connection.

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

A Second Chance

Daisy knew the shelter didn’t have the resources and medical care to keep Marmie and knew she needed to take immediate action. 

Daisy was going to be adopted and given the life she always deserved.

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

After a few days, Daisy returned to the same place to take Marmie home.

Her first day home was a day of cuddling and purring! She was so grateful to have someone to love and to be shown love for the first time.

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

Overcoming Obstacles 

Marmie’s journey had just begun. She was diagnosed with Stomatitis (inflammation of the gums) and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a disorder that alters connective tissue.

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

She was also diagnosed with Feline Airway Disease and tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

Despite all obstacles thrown her way, she never let anything stop her from enjoying her new life. She was a fighter and she wasn’t giving up.

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A Fighter, A Survivor

Sadly, Marmie had to have all her teeth removed because of Stomatitis. But Marmie didn’t seem to mind.

Within a day, she was eating yummy wet food and started to put on some healthy weight. 

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

Due to her EDS, Marmie has excessive amounts of neck skin that is extremely fragile.

This skin can become damaged very easily and takes longer to heal than normal skin.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for EDS, but with the right care, Marmie’s condition can be managed.

Living the Good Life

Despite Marmie being 10 years old, she’s very energetic. She loves attention, cuddling, and a warm lap to nap in. 

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

After a lifetime of surviving the dangerous and rough streets of Los Angeles, Marmie finally found her forever home.

Marmie has transformed  into a beautiful, loving, and healthy cuddle-bug. She went from weighing 4.5 pounds to a healthy 11 pounds thanks to her loving new owner.  

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

She sleeps next to her mom every night and doesn’t leave her side. Marmie is truly grateful she’s in good hands.  

A Happily Ever After

“She keeps me grounded, thankful, and happy, especially when I’m having a hard day. I think she is really in love with me for making her feel better and of course, I’m more than in love with her,” said Daisy.

Marmie defeated all the odds. It has been two years since her adoption and she is as healthy and happy as ever at 12 years old. 

Courtesy of Daisy Austin

Heartwarming stories like this are a perfect reminder that adoption can not only change the lives of the animals that are rescued, but also the lives of the rescuers.

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24 Replies to “Sad Cat On Euthanasia List Adopted By Woman Who Refused To Leave Her Behind”

  1. I’m so happy to see that she was saved.. Thank You so much for taking her in and giving her a home to be loved.. If i was close i would have taken her in to..

  2. God bless you for adopting and giving Marmie a wonderful and loving new home. I also agree she is a beautiful and precious kitty who deserves to be loved. So glad she is doing well in her new home.

  3. I LOVE people that see something like this and take it on…we needs as many as possible good loving caring homes for these beautiful animals…Thank you for your heart and I hope this gorgeous kitty has the rest her life with you…

  4. She is just the kind of cat I would want. That sad and battered body needed just what Marmie gave to her. She was not dying and thus would not have been euthanized but killed. She just needed a home. What a good story-she is a beauty and she deserves all the pampering she can get (and does get).

  5. What a great story! My husband and I foster for our local animal shelter. I believe there is a human out there for every stray or surrendered cats and dogs in shelters and rescues. I’m so happy Marmie was saved and has the beautiful life and lots of love from Daisy.

  6. Bless you and Marmie. Made.my day to read this wonderful news. How precious !
    I believe God sends blessings to those who love and care completely for the animals. I have always rescued and will continue for as long as I am alive to love and care for them.

  7. thank you for rescuing considering the buff life that she had on those streets and she still stayed fighting. It’s very hard for these guys out there. I’m very happy that she got adopted into a forever loving home. And they do put down a lot of cats for none having a chance at life and love. It’s 😔.

  8. I have tears in my eyes, too. Marmie looks very much like my “Little Girl” and has the same beautiful eyes. My daughter in law and 2 of my Grandchildren also have EDS, so I know a lot about it. However I have to say that I have not ever heard of any animals with it. It takes many tests to find if someone fits that criteria. I know that they would have definitely taken her in and so would I. My cat sleeps on my legs, like the picture! Marmie is so beautiful!

  9. You are her angel. I also adopted my cat Lars from a shelter. He was a horrible matted mess. He kept sticking his paw out & hitting me..I had to take him. I took him to the groomer & they had to shave him down to the skin his matts were so bad..his skin had scars. Took him to the vet for whatever he needed. He slept with me & followed me wherever I went..even the restroom. He is so spoiled now. His fur grew back & I have to brush him every day as he is a Siberian with long fur. He’s huge now too..over 3 ft long. He resembles a Maine Coon. I’m so glad I got him. I was told his owners turned him in. Can’t believe people could mistreat any animal. My last cat was a rescue & also matted & ugly ..he turned out to be a Blue Smoke Persian. Had him for 18 years. I always tend to take the ones that no one wants. They seem to be the best with love & caring. You are a true angel though..enjoy your furbaby as much as you can. He chose you❤🐱

  10. God Bless Daisy and Marmie for finding each other, and for Daisy for giving Marmie a loving forever home. She had it ruff on the streets. I’m glad Marmie has put on weight. She is a beautiful fur baby.💖 Love her big eyes.

  11. I have an 18 yr. old cat w/ arthritis and kidney disease and he is a trooper. Barely able to walk he lives on my bed and keeps me company every night. I was happily tearful reading Marmie’s story and thankful there are compassionate others in the world.

  12. It takes a special person to adopt a special pet… old, psychological issues, special needs, etc. God bless you two forever. I know He does.😻🙌🤗

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