Shy Homeless Kitten Finally Rescued By Woman Who Refused To Leave Her Behind

Shy Homeless Kitten Finally Rescued By Woman Who Refused To Leave Her Behind

This is the story of a kitten found all alone that refused attention from anyone who tried to help her. 

That all changed one day when she came across someone who never gave up on rescuing her.

The lonely kitten

In October of 2018, in Montreal, Canada, a local resident, Valerie was on her normal biking route when something across the street caught her eye. 

She pulled off the side to see what it was and to her surprise, it was a beautiful cat.

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

At first glance, she noticed the kitten didn’t have a collar or any kind of identification on. The beautiful cat appeared to be very young.

Valerie contemplated her next move.

She decided to return later to check on the kitten, making sure she didn’t belong to anyone or if there was a possible mamma cat nearby.

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Playing hard to get

A few days passed and Valerie circled back where she initially saw the kitten.

There she was – but she was extremely timid and fearful of anyone who tried to approach her.

Valerie, who is a volunteer at a local animal rescue in Montreal, reached out to neighborhood residents and the online community for anyone to claim her.

She was told by a fellow neighbor that the kitten had been spotted before roaming around on her own, but no one was able to get near her.

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

Something to prove

Valerie knew she had to take matters into her own hands. To begin building a sense of trust, Valerie started bringing food on her bike ride to leave for the kitten whenever she saw her.

After a few days of a consistent meals, the kitten started to trust her and would inch her way closer to Valerie with each passing day.

Valerie could see the routine was really starting to work.

Every day was the same, the kitten would crawl under a gate from the opposite side to get her food and every so often she would be brave enough to let Valerie pet her.

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

Rescued just in time

With a little patience and persistence, Valerie was successful in rescuing the kitten!

She took the cat to  Chatons Orphelins Montréal, the rescue she volunteers for.

They named the kitten Themis. Themis is very lucky Valerie found her when she did.

She was rescued just in time – the cold winter season was about to start and now little Themis didn’t have to endure the harsh winter. 

Instead, she would spend the winter warm and cozy with her new foster parents. 

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

Patience is a virtue

Themis was placed with very patient and understanding foster parents, Marie-Lyne and Patrick.

They were careful and considerate of her timid nature and gave her all the time and space she needed to adjust to her new home.

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

They were quick to notice she was regularly frightened by sound.

She would instantly retreat out of sight and wouldn’t move until she felt reassured her surroundings were safe.

So the family made a quiet, peaceful home routine specifically for Themis.

Once she could trust them, Themis finally emerged from her hiding place and became part of the family.

Courtesy Chantons Orphelins Montreal

Forever Love, Forever Family, Forever Home

Themis has grown into a gentle, loving cat who loves being cuddled and isn’t shy when it comes to telling her foster parents it’s meal time..

Themis went from a starving and fearful kitten to a strong, friendly, and outgoing kitten. 

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

A year after being rescued, a family came to meet Themis and it was an instant bond for both of them. She was finally adopted by a wonderful family. 

Healthy and thriving, Themis is now living with her forever family in her forever home.

Courtesy of Chantons Orphelins Montreal

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  1. Wonderful ending! I thank God for all who take notice of the little ones with no home or hope. Thank you for providing the love they need.

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