Sick Kitten Ignored For Days On Sidewalk Until Finally Rescued By Kind Stranger

Sick Kitten Ignored For Days On Sidewalk Until Finally Rescued By Kind Stranger

In Lake Worth, Florida, a tiny kitten was stranded on a sidewalk near a trailer park.

Days passed by, and so did many people, but no one stopped to help the kitten.

More and more people ignored the helpless kitten. It had almost lost all hope until one kind woman noticed…

Keep reading to find out what happened next!

Timing Is Everything

That kind woman who refused to ignore the kitten was Carmen Weinberg. Carmen is no stranger to stray animals as founder of the Animal Friends Project.

She just so happened to be taking a stroll around the block when she took notice of a small, disheveled kitten on the sidewalk.

Mrs. Weinberg noticed two things:

  1. The kitten’s mother was long gone.
  2. The kitten was sitting right in front of a building that the trailer park residents visited often.

She was heartbroken. “Dozens of people drive by or walk by that place,” Carmen said. “I knew she wanted to be seen. She wanted help.”

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

Help Arrives

As Carmen approached the kitten, she made a dash for the nearest car and ducked underneath it. It was time for Carmen to get creative.

She set up a food trap with hope that the kitty would come out. Her plan worked!

Only a few minutes later, the kitty was happily munching on food inside the cage. She was so focussed on eating that even the clang of the trap door behind her didn’t startle her.

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

Making New Friends

It did not take long for the kitty to acquaint herself with Mrs. Weinberg.

“Once I took her out of the trap to examine her, she completely relaxed, like she was relieved she was finally safe,” Carmen said.

Obviously, the kitten was just searching for love and affection, something that she would be getting plenty of with her new owner.

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

Carmen said, “She can’t get enough of pets. She was starved of love and attention.” However, the kitty wasn’t healthy yet…

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Nursing Her Back To Health

The poor kitten had several health issues including fleas, lice, parasites, and an anemic condition.

Lucky for her, Carmen was fully prepared to get her medical attention for her health problems.

The kitten was so excited to have a bath after many days of sitting outside.

Carmen noted that the kitty was purring and content the whole time because she was finally safe and secure.

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

Where Is She Now?

Carmen decided to name her newest companion Estrella, which means “star” in Spanish.

Estrella has fallen completely in love with her new life, and even made her debut on YouTube as the kitten who “can’t stop purring.”

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

Now lice and flea free, she is working on improving her appetite. “I’m giving her kitten formula mixed with vitamins and she loves that,” Carmen said.

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

A Happy Ending

As it turns out, all little Estrella needed was someone to love.

She was so lucky to have been noticed by someone special on that sidewalk in Lake Worth, Florida.

Carmen can’t wait to spend the rest of her years with Estrella!

Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

“No more neglect for this girl. Estrella is shining brightly,” Carmen stated.

And just like the little star she is, Estrella plans to shine on in her new home full of love and comfort.

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