Cat Smiles At Shelter Visitors Hoping Someone Will Adopt Her

Cat Smiles At Shelter Visitors Hoping Someone Will Adopt Her

This is a story about Nala, a sweet cat born with a cleft lip left struggling on the streets of Amsterdam.

She never gave up on finding the love and security she desperately deserved.

Keep reading to discover how this rare and unique cat found her way to a new life where she was accepted for the treasure she is.

Dutch Courage

In early July of 2019, a kind resident of Amsterdam stumbled across a sociable stray cat wandering alone on the streets. 

Courtesy of Ineke Kamps

The first thing they noticed was her beautiful smile. Her mouth was always open exposing her little pink tongue. They later discovered that the result of having a cleft lip.

More importantly, she was pregnant and appeared to be in labor. She was having a difficult time delivering her babies.

Courtesy of Ineke Kamps

She was quickly taken to a nearby veterinary hospital where they performed an emergency c-section in hopes of saving her kittens.

Unfortunately, only one of her two babies survived, but her newborn kitten looked appeared to be healthy and very vocal.


Dierenbescherming, a volunteer-based animal protection organization for the Dutch Society in the Netherlands, opened their sanctuary for the mother and her newborn. 

Courtesy of Ineke Kamps

Things were looking up and the two were given a chance for a better future.

Some volunteers from the rescue decided to name the mama cat, Nala.

A few weeks had passed since she and her kitten arrived at the sanctuary and things were really starting to take shape.

Adopt, Adopt, Adopt!

Nala opened-up to everyone at the rescue, volunteers and visitors alike. Her kitten was showing substantial and healthy growth and was becoming more independent every day.

Thankfully, in late August of 2019, the kitten was placed for adoption and quickly found a forever family and a forever home!

That just left sweet Nala needing a home.

Courtesy of Ineke Kamps

Shortly after her delivery, Nala was diagnosed with a skin condition that prevented her from being placed for adoption. 

She received antibiotics and continues to receive hypo-allergenic food that she will, more than likely, need for the rest of her life.

A Family, A Home, A Future

As a result of her cleft lip, Nala carries an everlasting smile that compliments her personality and warmhearted nature. 

She’s always on the lookout for visitors and a chance to make new friends. Once she sees a potential cuddle buddy, her meows call for attention.

“The perfect home for her would be a house with a (fenced) garden, with humans who are at home a lot and who don’t have a problem with her special diet. She is okay being placed with other cats but will need individual feeding,” Ineke Kamps, a local volunteer explained.

Courtesy of Ineke Kamps

Nala has been through a lot in just her two years of life, but her perseverance, strength, and determination got her to a happily ever after. 

In late September of 2019, Nala was placed for adoption and with the help of her popularity through the online community, she was adopted the same week!

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Always Smiling

Nala is equally affectionate to both human and furry friends alike. She loves to play, explore and is still very much a kitten at heart.

Just like her baby kitten, Nala found her forever family and home. 

She is healthy and thriving in her new home. She is at her happiest when she’s able to cuddle with her human companions.

Her enchanting smile and friendly nature continue to bring joy to all who have the pleasure of meeting her. 

Courtesy of Ineke Kamps

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13 Replies to “Cat Smiles At Shelter Visitors Hoping Someone Will Adopt Her”

    1. She is a beauty!!!! So glad she has a good home!!!! May it be a Merry Christmas for all the others to be adopted to a Blessful home!!!!

  1. She is beautiful an im happy for her to have a forever home….. I love my cats, all animals… God bless you for being there for her

  2. Oh..it made me cry ..
    Im glad her story had a happy ending. Maybe i can stop crying now. I thank the people who work at these rescue shelters everyday for their life changing work. Bless them and all the friends they help find forever homes and give medical aid too.

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