Special Needs Kitten So Happy When Her Biggest Wish Comes True

Special Needs Kitten So Happy When Her Biggest Wish Comes True

When a unique runt showed up at a shelter with the rest of her litter, she had no idea her life was about to change forever. 

Keep reading to hear about how this sweet little fur baby’s dreams came true!

Small But Feisty

Heather Spencer, a volunteer at Simply Cats of Boise, Idaho, sprung into action when she learned her friend had rescued 19 kittens in a TNR operation.

Heather noticed one kitten kitten that stood out from the others. She was tiny and had small, stumpy legs.

Winky, the kitty in question, was severely behind her littermates in terms of growth.

At two months old, she could still fit in the palm of Heather’s hand.

Knowing she had a space in her home open, Heather couldn’t help but bring home the little kitty that instantly snuggled up in her palm.

“She was just a few ounces and was not shy at all. For being so tiny, she was incredibly brave and playful. Winky enjoyed snuggling into my shirt or hanging out on my shoulder,” Heather says. 

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Conquering Health Complications

As Winky settled into foster, Heather learned more about her new housemate.

Winky was born with dwarfism, which explains why she was so much smaller than the rest of her litter.

Feline dwarfism causes cats to have larger heads and shorter legs.

In addition to this, Winky had respiratory issues, leaky eyes, and chronic constipation.

However, Winky wasn’t ready to let any of this stop her and neither was Heather.

While Winky did her best to be energetic, happy, and cuddly, Heather made sure Winky received all of the prescriptions, medical attention, and love she needed. 

All the Naps in the World

Despite being a little smaller and having respiratory issues, Winky loves to play.

When she first discovered toys, she was like a child on Christmas morning. 

With a new diet, the right prescriptions, and a whole lot of play time, Winky’s health began to improve.

This paved the way for even more chances to have fun and enjoy her new comfortable home. 

But, that doesn’t mean Winky doesn’t know how to relax. She is a real couch potato at heart, and loves to nap whenever she gets the chance.

She’s grown very attached to Heather and her husband, and they’ve become her favorite nap-time buddies.

Foster Failure

Winky started out in life a little behind her siblings. So, it makes sense that they were ready to be adopted out of the foster home sooner than she was. 

By the time all of them were gone, Winky still needed to grow more before she’d be ready for a forever home. 

Or, at least that’s what they thought. 

Happily Ever After

As it turns out, Winky was ready for her forever home well before any of her siblings were.

She had found it the moment she stepped into Heather’s house, they just didn’t know it yet!

Winky’s foster family was waiting to put her up for adoption until she hit her three pound mark.

This milestone took her three months longer than the rest of her litter. 

But, once she finally hit it, Heather realized she just could not give Winky up. 

Having stolen each other’s hearts, Winky and Heather have both had their dreams come true!

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