Stray Kitten Wanders Streets Looking for Someone Who Won’t Leave her Behind

Stray Kitten Wanders Streets Looking for Someone Who Won’t Leave her Behind

In March of 2019, a scrawny 3-month old kitten was found wandering the streets of South Los Angeles looking for someone to help her. Little did Pistachio know, Alley Cat Rescue of Los Angeles was about to save her life.

Help Finds Pistachio

Desiree and some other volunteers from Alley Cat Rescue were working in the area when someone told them about the little kitten.

“A resident told us about this skinny kitten that was looking for a home. Sure enough, we found her on a doorstep being shooed away,” said Desiree.

Courtesy Alley Cat Rescue

“She went from house to house, begging to go inside, but nobody would let her in. Some little kids had been feeding her bread.

She was so dirty, covered in fleas and had an upper respiratory infection. Despite all this, she purred like crazy and is super sweet.”

Courtesy Alley Cat Rescue

What a Difference Love Makes

Poor little Pistachio’s throat was raw from crying for help. Her meow sounded raspy, but she never stopped purring.

The staff at Alley Cat Rescue gave her the name Pistachio, cleaned her up, and found her a foster home.

The kitten was filthy and covered in fleas. The pink blanket she was given turned brown from all the dust and dirt in her coat.

She got a much-needed bath, some food, and a comfortable place to nap, probably for the first time in her young life.

Courtesy Alley Cat Rescue

New Friends

After a week of medicine, food, and lots of love, little Pistachio was a totally different kitten. She gained weight and became much more energetic.

The staff decided it was time that Pistachio made some friends so she would have company and cuddle buddies.

They first introduced her to an orphaned kitten named ButterBean. Pistachio stepped in and played big sister, taking care of her new friend.

Courtesy Alley Cat Rescue

A Little Kitty with a Big Heart

As it turns out, little Pistachio is a real love bug and is a tremendous comfort to other cats in the shelter.

She loves other kittens and pays particular attention to kitties in need.

Courtesy Alley Cat Rescue

Pistachio wraps her arms around these kitties, cuddles them, keeps them clean, and provides them with some company.

Maybe she’s paying it forward because she received love and comfort when she needed it the most.

Desiree says, “Open your arms and she settles in for a cuddle! She is quick to purr and show how happy she is!”

Courtesy Alley Cat Rescue

Pistachio is a beautiful, happy, healthy kitty now that she’s off the streets.
Many of Pistachio’s friends have been adopted, but Pistachio still needs her own forever home.

Courtesy Alley Cat Rescue

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in adopting the lovely Pistachio, contact Alley Cat Rescue of Los Angeles on Facebook or on their Instagram page.

Check out Pistachio’s journey in this video.

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12 Replies to “Stray Kitten Wanders Streets Looking for Someone Who Won’t Leave her Behind”

    1. She’s beautiful….I love her name….I live in ingelwood….would love to have her but don’t have the room.i live in a 25′ rv and have a 3yr old cat….he needs a lifetime buddy….I hope u can find her a forever home….she deserves it….as do all animals

  1. I had to have my Kleenex in front of me as I read this. If I lived close I would adopt her in a minute. She is so beautiful. It breaks my heart to know that no one would let her in but am glad for the beautiful out come!!!!!!

      1. So glad she was rescued and found her forever home. I rescued a momma kitty and her babies last October. With the help of a local rescue group I got them all taken care of and the kittens went to thier new homes. We kept the momma kitty and are working on her and our other 2 cats to be able to coexist in our house all together. Cat Herding is hard work.

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