Sweet Cat With Big Ears Can’t Stop Purring After Rescued From Uncertain Fait

Sweet Cat With Big Ears Can’t Stop Purring After Rescued From Uncertain Fait

This past December, just before the holidays, a unique looking stray cat was brought into a shelter in Rowan County, NC. 

Keep reading to discover how this sweet angel was rescued from an uncertain fait.

Love at First Sight

Cold and scared, she arrived at the shelter with an upper respiratory infection.

Because of this and a wound on her neck, the shelter brought her to Cabarrus Animal Hospital.

The second she came through the doors, her big green eyes were met with love and compassion.

The clinic’s staff members immediately gave their hearts to this sweet little kitty, giving her the best possible care they could.

Weighing in at only 6.5 lbs, life as a stray had not treated her kindly. But, that was all about to change.

In the hands of the animal hospital staff, this little black and white kitty knew she had found safety and shelter. 

While they could only guess about her exact age, they knew she couldn’t be much older than a year.

She was still young, but far too light to be considered a healthy adult. 

A Gentle Soul

As the staff began to treat her, they learned more and more about how quirky, sweet, and affectionate she truly was. 

According to one of the vet technicians, “She’s quiet and shy but melts in your hand when you start petting her. She is just a petite little cuddle-bug, a lap cat.” 

She was missing all of her front teeth between her canines.

This caused her tongue to sometimes sneak out of her mouth, resulting in the cutest kitty face you’ve ever seen.

The Road to Recovery

With her unique ears and big, loveable eyes, the clinic staff couldn’t help but think of her celebrity look-alike: Baby Yoda.

However, because she was brought to the animal hospital and is still in their care, she has not received an official name yet. 

For now, she is referred to as “Yoda cat”.

She has stayed shy and quiet since she got to the hospital, even though she obviously feels much more safe.

But, that doesn’t mean she goes unnoticed. The vet technicians can’t get enough of her.

Once she gets into the arms of a human, she cuddles up nice and snug.

“We carry her around in our hoodies like a baby kangaroo, and she just falls asleep,” says one of the vet technicians. 

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Home, At Last, For the Holidays

This little love bug wants nothing more than a lap to nuzzle up in and doze off into a sweet slumber.

Yoda cat remains at the Carrabus Animal Hospital under their care, slowly working back to health.

Even when the staff is doting over her, they continue to give her excellent veterinary care.

While she might have been found in rough shape, she shows a strong will to persevere and is expected to make a full recovery.

The only thing that might keep her in the hospital is how attached the staff members have grown to her!

Once she is well enough to be released from veterinary care, she will likely be ready to find her forever home.

With a face like hers, she probably won’t be waiting long!

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