Terrified Kitten Rescued From Inside A Wall Can’t Wait To Show Love

Terrified Kitten Rescued From Inside A Wall Can’t Wait To Show Love

Our story begins with Kelsey McKnight, a rescue worker at Shuswap Paws Rescue who was was contacted about a strange rescue case.

A little kitten who was trapped in a hole in a barn wall at a nearby dairy farm and desperately needed help!

Stuck in a Bad Spot

The little kitten was terrified and had been crying from inside the wall for two days. Kelsey knew she had to act quickly.

“I had to crawl up in the attic and I listened for her crying. I found the hole to where she was,” said Kelsey.

Source: @kelseymcknight

Kelsey said, ‘There was a hole down into the wall. It’s insulated with straw so nothing was blocking the hole in between the joists as the straw has been moved around and bedded down in by the cats and mice.”

Overcoming Obstacles

There was just one problem – the hole was out of reach. It was about 8-10 feet from where Kelsey was, so she couldn’t reach the kitten with her hands.

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She started looking around for something that could help her reach the kitten.

“I saw some old baling twine and tied a slip knot with a loop around at the end and put it down the hole,” she said.

“I had to kind of fish her out and wait until she had a leg and her head through the loop, then I lifted her out.”

Source: @kelseymcknight

Finally Safe

The kitten was safe and she was ready to show her rescuer some love!

“The minute I got her out and safe in my arms, she started licking me and purring. She was seriously the most thankful little kitty I’ve ever saved,” said Kelsey.

Source: @kelseymcknight

Kelsey brought the kitten to her car and opened a can of food, which the hungry kitty quickly devoured.

After the kitten ate her fill, she snuggled up to her rescuer for some much needed comfort and rest.

“I would talk to her, and she would sit down on my lap and just stare up at me as if we were having a conversation,” Kelsey said.

Source: @kelseymcknight

“I believe she was thankful to be rescued – never did she hiss or scratch. She accepted her fate of being rescued and loved every second of attention I gave her.”

Foster Home Bound

It was time for the kitten to go to her new foster home. A woman named Christine happily volunteered to foster her.

The newly rescued kitten was so grateful and happy to be in her new home. She constantly purred and even became friends with Christine’s other foster kittens!

Source: @gypsykittyhouse

Even Christine’s pug came to welcome the newest family member with some snuggles!

Source: @gypsykittyhouse

A Happy Ending with New Friends

This little kitty had a shaky start, but she persevered. She started her journey crying out for help from a hole in a wall, and ended up safely in a home surrounded by people and animals that shower her with love.

What more could you ask for!

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