Truck Driver Sheds Tears of Joy When Reunited With Lost Cat After Months of Searching

Truck Driver Sheds Tears of Joy When Reunited With Lost Cat After Months of Searching

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In this heartwarming story you’ll read about how Ashes and his human Matthew were reunited after a tragic event on one of their road trips.

Keep reading to discover the miracle that reunited this truck driver and his beloved cat.

A Life on the Road

Ashes and Matthew had been the best of friends since the moment they met.

Matthew is a truck driver and Ashes had routinely been Matthew’s co-pilot companion on many cross-country road trips.

What started as a routine trip suddenly went south.

In July of 2019, Ashes and Matthew were traveling through Springfield, OH when they made a stop at a Love’s Travel Stop and Country Store. 

Ashes unexpectedly slipped out of the truck in the parking lot of the store.

Ashes was frightened and ran for the nearby bushes. Matthew was devastated.

Courtesy of Lollypop Farms

He searched everywhere for his traveling companion but couldn’t find him. It devastated Matthew to leave without Ashes, but he wouldn’t give up.

Matthew was determined to find his best friend.

He restructured his routes frequently in the following months so he could come back to the same spot and continue to search for Ashes.

An Unexpected Discovery

Fast forward to early November of 2019. A woman named Kimberly was moving back to New York from the West Coast. 

She made a short stop at a Love’s Travel Stop in Ohio. As she was returning to her car when she noticed a slender gray cat peeking out from the bushes.

It was freezing outside. No cat should be outside when it is 13 degrees. Kimberly could tell the cat was seeking attention and desperately needed help. 

“He was trying to not put his feet down on the ground, it was so cold,” Kimberly explained.

Courtesy of Lollypop Farms

After a while of searching the surrounding area for anyone who may have lost a gray cat, Kimberly was feared for his safety and knew he couldn’t be left out in the cold. 

She picked him up and welcomed him to a nice warm blanket in her car.

The Road To A Rescue

Kimberly named him “Smokey” and took him back to New York with her. 

She was familiar with a local rescue called Lollypop Farms in the Rochester area and knew they would be able to help. 

What she didn’t know was “Smokey” was already an expert traveler.

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Microchip Saves The Day!

Once they arrived at Lollypop Farms, they checked “Smokey” for a microchip, and he had one!

Not only that, he also had an owner that had him registered under a Texas address. 

Kimberly had accidentally found Matthews cat, Ashes!

When Matthew was contacted with the news, he was overjoyed and relieved. His beloved friend was safe and receiving treatment in Rochester, NY. 

Matthew was in Arkansas at the time and, once again, rearranged his driving schedule and made his way to New York.

Reunited and It Feels So Good

A little over a week after Ashes arrived at Lollypop Farms, it was time for him and Matthew to be reunited.

Matthew’s truck stopped in front of the rescue, he walked inside, and Ashes undoubtedly recognized him. 

Ashes leaped right into Matthews arms and started cuddling his dad.  

Courtesy of Lollypop Farms

Kimberly was proud to be a part of the reunion.. Ashes was a wonderful companion to her during her travels. 

Witnessing the wonderful connection between Matthew and Ashes during their reunion brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

This was truly Matthew’s Christmas miracle!

Courtesy of Lollypop Farms

On the Road Again

Ashes received a new name tag, collar, and harness from the Lollypop Farm Gift Shop and the two prepared themselves for new adventures.

As they approached the 18-wheeler, Ashes leapt straight from Matthews arms into the truck and right back into his favorite spot.  

Matthew wants to remind everyone to microchip their pets. Had it not been for a microchip, Matthew would have never been reunited with Ashes.

Courtesy of Lollypop Farms

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18 Replies to “Truck Driver Sheds Tears of Joy When Reunited With Lost Cat After Months of Searching”

  1. I am so very happy Matthew got his Christmas miracle. I’m so glad they are back together again. Merry Christmas Ashes and Matthew. Be safe in your travels.

    1. Love love love happy endings!!🐾🐾🥰🙏🏼
      Wish all pet owners would microchip their pets,,,also up date the microchip when owners have a new address or phone number,,please🙏🏼

      1. Yes, it makes no sense to have a microchip if you dont update it and keep your info current. Also you actually have to direct most chip companies to let your info be given to someo4who has found a chipped animal as otherwise, the chipping company has to play musical chairs between owner and finder.

  2. I remember reading the story of his lost cat. I am so happy they have been reunited! So many go missing and never come back for various reasons, and Ashes was one of the lucky ones.

  3. I’m so grateful that they found each other again. Thank God. And thank you to all who were involved and that he was found by a person who really cared about animals.

  4. I got my father’s cat at Lollipop Farm. Great place & Merribelle was a wonderful cat! Glad they played a part in Ashes’ safe return to Matthew!

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