Woman Travels 2000 Miles To Adopt Loving Cat No One Else Wanted

Woman Travels 2000 Miles To Adopt Loving Cat No One Else Wanted

In 2017, a litter of kittens were rescued from a hotel in Paphos, a coastal city of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. The kittens were only a few weeks old desperately needed someone to help them.

Keep reading to find out how one little kitten never loses hope in finding his forever home. 

Sanctuary For All

The staff of the hotel contacted Tala Monastery Cats, a local cat rescue and sanctuary. Without hesitation, the rescue acted and arranged to take in the entire litter.

Upon arrival, the kittens were examined and found to be extremely sick from malnutrition and severe eye infections.

After diligent efforts from the rescue team, every kitten from the litter had made a full recovery and were placed for adoption!

Finding A Forever Home

One by one, all the kittens had found their forever home, except for one. His name was Gizmo. He was so affectionate and had a wonderful personality.

Courtesy of Tala Monastery Cats

Cuddling was his absolute favorite thing to do. If he came across an empty lap, he would nestle himself in and keep it warm. He showed his love to any volunteer or visitor he saw.

The volunteers of the rescue couldn’t understand how this bundle of joy had been left behind.

All Grown-Up

Fast forward to 2019, three years later, Gizmo grew up and was still waiting for his forever home at the rescue, but he never lost hope. 

He was eager to show his affection to every visitor, hoping someone would make him a part of their family.

Courtesy of Tala Monastery Cats

A woman named Jenny was traveling from the UK to Cyprus for a vacation. She decided to pay Gizmo a visit.

“The cats all have their pick of comfy beds, water fountains, and places to climb,” Jenny described.

Courtesy of Tala Monastery Cats

Meeting Gizmo

After seeing the sanctuary and getting to know some of the volunteers, Jenny sat down and was instantly greeted by Gizmo. 

He leaped right into her lap and began to nuzzle his face to hers.

Courtesy of Tala Monastery Cats

There was an undeniable connection between the two. When Jenny would try to stand, Gizmo made himself more comfortable, hoping it would keep her from leaving.

This made saying goodbye even harder.

After Jenny left, she couldn’t stop thinking about Gizmo.

She began to follow his story and was heartbroken at the thought of a sweet little tabby who had so much love to give not finding a home of his own.

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One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

When Jenny returned home, her cherished cat Bruno passed away from cancer. 

Still mourning the loss of Bruno, weeks passed, and Jenny continued to receive updates from Gizmo’s sanctuary.

Courtesy of Tala Monastery Cats

She noticed some of the cats that were being adopted were going to homes in the UK and that changed everything! She immediately decided to adopt Gizmo.

She felt a sense of guilt for wanting to get another companion so soon after Bruno’s tragic death, but Jenny explained, “Gizmo chose me and maybe he would help us heal after suffering such a big loss”.

Homeward Bound

She reached out to the sanctuary, and within a few short weeks, Gizmo finally found himself on his way to his forever home!

Courtesy of Tala Monastery Cats

After Jenny picked Gizmo up from the airport, they picked up right where they left off. Gizmo hopped  straight into Jenny’s lap where he knew he belonged.

Happily Ever After

Distance wasn’t enough to keep Gizmo and Jenny apart. After 2 long years, Gizmo finally has someone he can call his own. 

Courtesy of Tala Monastery Cats

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  1. Jenny, you are an ANGEL! Gizmo waited for you to come see him. You were there because God knew you were meant to be together. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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