Share Your Cat’s Rescue Story

Share Your Cat’s Rescue Story

Does your cat have a unique rescue or adoption story? At National Kitty, we are always looking for new, heart-warming cat stories to write about! If you’d like for us to write about your cat’s adoption story, please fill out the application below.


  1. Please be detailed when describing your story so we have plenty to write about. You will need to give us enough information about your cat’s rescue story to write a full-length article.
  2. Include as many pictures as you can. Please only submit high quality pictures.
  3. If you have difficulty submitting your photos, send your cat photos in an email to [email protected] with subject line “Rescue Story Photos”.
  4. Include pictures from when you first adopted your cat (whether he/she was a kitten or full grown) and pictures of your cat presently. We want images to document your cat’s journey.
  5. Do not submit more than one application per cat. Multiple or repeat applications will not be considered or improve the chances of selection.

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