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13 Signs Your Cat Owns You

13 Signs Your Cat Owns You

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You’ve heard it before: “You don’t own a cat – a cat owns you”. Most cat owners would agree!

But how can you know for sure? Cats are sneaky about enslaving their owners. Below are 13 signs that your cat owns you!

1. Your cat has more toys than you did as a child.

If you find yourself showering your kitty with toys, you may be a victim of “cat domination”.

It all starts with one toy mouse and ends with a cabinet full of cat toys. But if you have a cat, you know very well that your cat quickly loses interest in its toys.

You might even find that your cat finds the toy packaging more interesting than the toys themselves. Oh well. The things we do for love!

2. You celebrate your cat’s birthday.

Why not? Your cat is a member of your family. And it’s important to celebrate your fur baby’s birthday!

Cat birthdays are special occasions that call for extra treats, fancy cat food, and lots of attention.

Even if you don’t know your cat’s exact birthday, simply acknowledging that your cat entered your life around this time of year is special for both you and your kitty.

Oh, and its a sign that your cat has you wrapped around its paw.

3. You like spending time with your cat more than people. 

Your cat is basically your best friend. If you enjoy spending time with your cat more spending time with humans, you have officially been enslaved by your cat. But I can’t blame you! Cats are such great company.

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4. Your cat tells you what it wants to eat.

It seems like every cat goes through a phase where you give them the food they’ve been eating every day of their life and they suddenly “just don’t like it anymore”.

So you go to the store and get something else. And then they turn their nose up in the air because they’re not a fan of the new cat food either.

The cycle continues until they get the food they want! Your cat now tells you when and what it wants to eat.

5. You find cat hair all over the place.

If you find cat hair on every surface of your home, you have been enslaved by your cat.

In fact, laundry isn’t complete unless its covered with cat hair. But cat hair is the best accessory! You know what they say – cat hair, don’t care.

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6. Your furniture? You mean the cat’s furniture.

The couch, the bed, the table – you name it. It belongs to the cat now.

Every surface of your home has been repurposed into a convenient place for your cat to perch or nap. This is one of the most common signs of being owned by a cat.

Image result for cat on furniture

7. Your cat gives you “permission” you to pet it.

Your cat accepts love and attention on its own terms. Sometimes it just doesn’t want to be pet.

If you’re feeling particularly affectionate, don’t assume your cat feels the same way! You must wait patiently for your cat to grant you permission to pet it.

8. Your cat determines what time you wake up.

Who needs an alarm cat when you have a cat? Your cat doesn’t care if it is 5 in the morning.

If they want breakfast, they’re going to make you give them breakfast! Kiss sleeping in goodbye. Cats call the shots now!

Image result for alarm clock
Image Source: Alan Cleaver

9. You don’t move the cat – EVER.

Is the cat taking a nap on your papers or clothes? Don’t even think about moving it. Do you need to get up, but the cat is sleeping on you?

Looks like you’re stuck there until your cat wakes up!

Image result for cat on lap
Image Source: Russell Bernice

10. You stop what you’re doing to pet your cat.

How many times have you been in the middle of something and your cat starts rubbing on your legs or head bunting your hand?

If your cat thinks its time for love, then its your duty as its loyal slave to give it what it wants.

11. Your phone is full of cat photos.

Cats have infiltrated our phones! If you find yourself capturing every adorable moment your cat has, you are actively being enslaved by your cat.

Not only do you take photos, but you must post them to social media so everyone else knows your cat owns you too.

12. Forget about Privacy!

Another sign of “cat domination” is limiting your personal privacy. Going to the restroom? Not without your cat. Want to close a door? Your cat doesn’t think so.

Image result for cat in bathroom

13. In fact, EVERYTHING is theirs now.

You might as well just hand the title of your home to your cat because they’ve taken over.

But it’s probably the sweetest form of manipulation that exists! Us cat owners love our cats very dearly and want to be owned by our cats. You wouldn’t have it any other way!

QUESTION: Does your cat own you? Tell me in the comments below!

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Sunday 5th of January 2020

Yes, I have 5 kitties inside and 1 outside when he feels like showing up. Have to give him livings before he will eat! He is so funny


Friday 3rd of January 2020



Thursday 2nd of January 2020

Yes, Max owns us. Every morning, my husband gets awakened early and feeds Max breakfast. Max then goes into the bedroom next to ours and sits where he can see the light under the door when I get up and open the curtains. As soon as he knows I'm up, Max runs to our bedroom door. I say good morning to Max and he flops into the floor for belly rubs and head scratches. He waits impatiently for me to make the bed, then runs ahead of me to the kitchen. I have to give him a second breakfast before I even get my coffee. Right now, he is stretched out next to me on my lounge chair, taking up half of it as usual. Of course, I always greet him when he jumps up on my chair. Spoiled rotten kitty.

Diana Singer

Friday 8th of November 2019

I can't locate the Cat hair, Don't care sweater for sale. Help!


Wednesday 13th of November 2019

Here it is! https://shop.nationalkitty.com/products/cat-hair-dont-care-sweat-shirt


Sunday 3rd of November 2019

I accept that they own me. They are so adorable and love no matter what. They fill my house with love.