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Arkansas Rescuers Urgently Seek Help with “Worst Cat Hoarding Case We’ve Ever Seen”

Arkansas Rescuers Urgently Seek Help with “Worst Cat Hoarding Case We’ve Ever Seen”

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A local resident in Faulkner County recently reached out to local rescuers desperately seeking help with a cat hoarding case that involves an estimated 100+ cats being held captive.

Videos obtained by the witness show several ill cats sprawled throughout the home in extremely toxic living conditions.

They’re pictured in an insect infested home surrounded by mounds of garbage, feces, urine, and filth.

The neglected cats are suffering from severe respiratory infections, bacterial infections, parasites, and suspected chronic conditions that have yet to be diagnosed.

Several cats are have lesions and are missing large patches of fur from conditions rescuers have yet to identify.

It is uncertain how long the cats and kittens have been trapped in their current environment.

It is reported that many of them are not spayed/neutered and are actively inbreeding.

Among the cats there is also a dog that has allegedly never been outside the home.

The witness reached out to Biscuit’s Legacy, a volunteer based rescue organization in Harrisburg, Arkansas to assist with the case.

Maggie Bradley, certified animal cruelty investigator and founder of Biscuit’s Legacy, said, “I’ve witnessed some of the most tragic cases of abuse and neglect, but this is by far the worst hoarding case I’ve ever seen.”

Bradley is now in the process of organizing a large scale rescue operation for the estimated 100+ cats held hostage in the home.

The original witness claims the owner of the cats allegedly suffers from dementia and has relocated to an assisted living facility.

According to the witness, the homeowner refuses to sign the surrender forms that will permit Biscuit’s Legacy to legally enter the property and rescue the cats.

Bradley then contacted Faulkner County law enforcement to assist with the case. She hopes local law enforcement will cooperate in a timely manner.

“These cats have been suffering for far too long. We wait any longer. They’re running out of time,” Bradley told National Kitty.

Bradley and her team of volunteers are prepared for the worst. They anticipate discovering deceased and decomposing cats upon entering the premises.

The rescue mission is a logistical undertaking. Volunteers will be required to wear hazmat suits and breathing apparatuses when entering the property.

“I contacted the health department out of concern for zoonotic diseases and am prepared to follow their safety protocols,” said Bradley.

The Humane Society of the Delta has volunteered to provide shelter for the cats. They have arranged for their existing cats to be transported to out-of-state facilities in order to create room for incoming sick cats.

It is estimated that vet care, food, supplies, transportation, and safety equipment will cost $25,000.

“We don’t have that kind of money. We’re a small rescue organization taking on a very large operation,” Bradley told National Kitty.

If you’d like to make a direct donation toward the cats’ vet care and medical funds, please click here.

Any donation, no matter how small, is tremendously helpful.

If you’d to donate food and supplies to Biscuit’s Legacy through Amazon, please click here to view their Amazon Wishlist.

If you can’t donate, we urge you to share this article and reach as many potential donors as possible.

Every cent of donation money will be used for the rescue operation and long term care of the cats.

“Getting the cats out of that house is just step one. We know that many of those cats will have to stay at the facility for several months while they recover and become healthy enough for adoption,” said Bradley.

Follow Biscuit’s Legacy on Facebook for live updates.

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Sharon R Christopher

Thursday 3rd of June 2021

Hi! I'm so upset with this person she should sign those papers. If I could I would love to help you. I like your stories and for this case I hope for the best. When I can go back to volunteering with the kitties from the humane society I'll be happy for sure I've been in the hospital and rehab for awhile with a knee replacement.


Thursday 3rd of June 2021

Why isn't this already all over the media, this is a tragedy in the making!

Edith Smith

Wednesday 2nd of June 2021

I'm having trouble trying to send supplies on Amazon, it keeps coming up with my daughters address. Is there any way this can be corrected so I may get it to the precious babies who needs it??


Wednesday 2nd of June 2021

please email [email protected] and I'll walk you through the process. Thank you so much for offering assistance! It's extremely helpful.