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Meow Mail Update: Bo Peep

Meow Mail Update: Bo Peep

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Remember little Bo Peep, the feisty feral kitten with a genetic condition that made her legs crooked? 

We’re happy to report that this feisty feral kitten has blossomed into a happy, healthy little champion thanks to your support and the tender care of Community Cats of Central Arkansas! 

The strides she’s made since her rescue is enough to touch the hardest of hearts, especially when you consider all the obstacles she overcame.

Bo Peep arrived in their care with two twisted right legs, but we’re thrilled to announce that after extensive physical therapy, surgery, and many follow-up appointments with her veterinarian, her right leg has straightened! 

“Her front left leg isn’t quite there yet, but I expect it to improve significantly as she continues physical therapy,” said Sarah Richardson, rescue coordinator for Community Cats of Central AR. 

Luckily, Bo Peep’s left leg doesn’t seem to slow her down one bit. 

In fact, she’s turned into a nimble adventurer, expertly navigating her home and play spaces with three functional legs.

In other news, this feisty little kitty has became a foster fail– but in the best possible way! 

Her original foster mom has officially adopted Bo Peep and committed to her ongoing physical therapy. 

In her new forever home, Bo Peep is living a life of love and warmth, surrounded by other foster kitties.

Because of Bo Peep’s former feral life on the streets, she kept her guard up around other cats. 

She wasn’t used to the idea of sharing, much less having friends.

Now that she’s gotten used to being taken care of,  she’s embraced on the role of being a big sister to other foster kittens!

“Bo Peep loves to be in charge!” said Sarah. “She used to be fussy around other cats, but now she’s a social butterfly.” 

This sweet little leader takes other foster kittens under her wing and embraces the responsibility of teaching them how things are done. 

She takes the job very seriously. Raising other kittens makes her feel important and gives her a sense of purpose. 

Unexpectedly, Bo Peep has also developed a playful fondness for dogs. She’s very mischievous, teasing her canine companions with her adorable antics. 

The dogs don’t seem to mind. In fact, they seem entertained and enjoy her companionship! 

“She’s a very sassy cat,” said Sarah. “But it’s what makes her special and everybody loves her for it.”

Sarah is very happy about Bo Peep’s foster mom adopting her. 

Not only did she land a wonderful home, but she’ll be able to continue physical therapy, enjoy familiar company, and help with new kittens!

We’re all excited to see how much Bo Peep is enjoying her new life. Thank you for following her journey and donating towards her her continued care. 

Your generous donations have not only contributed to her recovery, but have also set her up for success as an official foster kitten supervisor! 

The team at Community Cats of Central AR thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

A Voice for The Voiceless

Donations benefit Community Cats of Central Arkansas, a small 501(c)3 non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates cats that are victims of cruelty, neglect, and abandonment in a rural part of Arkansas with high animal cruelty rates and limited resources.

If you’re not already, we hope you consider becoming a monthly donor to our Meow Mail program to help future rescue cats & kittens live happily ever after!

See more of their incredible rescue cases by following Sarah Richardson, rescue coordinator for Community Cats of Central AR, on Instagram and Facebook.

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