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Meet Charlie! He’s a sweet 5-year-old boy from Alabama.

His mom, Deven, tells us all about him in the story below.

How It All Started

Charlie was actually living with me amongst others in the same house.

However, I moved out and the other tenant would not allow me to take Charlie.

So 3-4 years passed and I would periodically go by the house and visit Charlie.

Then one day I found out the tenant had moved out.

The neighbor across the street from the old house called me and said she’d noticed Charlie was there but he was alone.

So, I went to neighbors house and sure enough, Charlie had walked about 10 miles from his new home from his old home just because he hated living there and wasn’t accustomed to the surroundings.

That day I took Charlie home with me and he’s been the happiest ever since.

What is Charlie’s personality like?

Charlie going outside and he loves to play with his toys.

He loves to indulge in “lil” soups, meow mix dry food, Fancy feast – salmon, chicken, and turkey.

Charlie has the best personality. He’s always making me laugh!

I love him so much. He’s the light of my life.

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18 Replies to “CHARLIE”

  1. What a loving story. I am so happy that your old neighbor let you know about Charlie so the two of you could be together again. I bet Charlie went back to the old place hoping to find you. A very happy life to both of you.

  2. I got into cat rescues 5 years ago after my significant other of 17 years died extremely unexpectedly. It was a devastating time in my and these kitties saved my life. I’ve trapped, fixed, and re-home everyone that was an option with but sadly some of these babies have lived there entire lives on the street and are about impossible to trap (and please believe when I tell you I have seriously, honestly, and desperately tried). For the ones that remain on the street I have feeding stations that I fill every night year round. P.S. Even though this last bunch is pretty wild, I firmly believe they should not miss out on the tastier benefits of being a kitty. Their reg diet is Kitten Chow and Cat Chow but I treat them with canned food, tuna, sardines, cat nip, etc. And on holidays I make them huge pots of homemade chicken soup which is pureed chicken in homemade bone broth. They love it and I love them. I have 3 living with me at the moment and have had many many more over the last 5 years. I have two that were brought in as kittens but the rest were old street cats living out their sunset months.

  3. Mother dropped a beautiful silver gray in our back yard. She was only three weeks old. My granddaughter was talking on her phone in the back yard and screamed. My daughter thought she had gotten on a snake. She took her to the vet to get her checked out. My granddaughters live next door so they took the night to fed her all thru the night. We named her Willow. My daughter had her spaded and chipped. We found her in April so she a little over a year. The beautiful little silver gray kitten with blue eyes has made this 80 year old lady so happy. I have never been around cats but I truly love this little Willow.

  4. I am so glad that Charlie found a home. I have a cat named Charles Ray. He is a good cat and very loving. Just take care of Charlie and never leave him out of your sight. Keep giving him treats and toys to play with and he will be the happiest cat and he will be happy also.

  5. We have 14 cats all indoors. We moved into our new house almost 24 years ago & since we own it no one can tell me how many cats I can have. For those who are told they cannot take their animals to their new house keep looking. We went into bankruptcy twice but we kept our home & the cat family together. God bless you for always checking on charlie & never let him go again. Peace Love & pussycats.

  6. Beautiful looking cat… every photo of an animal I have seen on your web site is beautiful. Have always had a cat or a dog. But the past years only a nice little dog.. very loving and easy to take care of.

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