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Meet Cletus! He’s a curious 9-year-old boy from New York.

Cletus didn’t have the easiest life, but now he’s living a life of luxury.

His mom, Josie, tells us all about him in the story below!

How it all started

A neighbor called my mom and said she had a little cat that was roaming around and that her cats were bullying him.

My mom didn’t want the little cat to be left outside in the cold and be bullied.

So my mom called back the neighbor and offered to take him. He’s been with us ever since!

We took him to the vet and found out he was 8-10 months old at the time.

He was treated for parasites, neutered, and sent home with medication.

Cletus is now 9 (almost 10) and he’s a healthy, happy kitty!

Why did you name him “Cletus”?

Cletus was my mom’s cat. Unfortunately my mom is no longer with us.

I have Cletus now. When I got him, he had no name.

I asked what she wanted to call him and she said Cletus.

I looked over at him and said “Cletus”. He responded by looking up at me, so now that’s his name!

My mom named him in honor of my dad who had passed away. My dad’s middle name was Cletus.

What does Cletus like to do for fun?

Cletus loves to play with his toys, nap, and get belly rubs.

He’ll tell you when he wants snacks by zooming up and down the stairs!

Oh, and he is a great hunter. He catches mice, snakes, squirrels, bugs, and has even dragged in a bat.

We try to be appreciative of his “gifts”, even if they startle us from time to time.

As for his normal diet, Cletus loves to indulge in Friskies pate or savory shreds for his wet food and Science Diet for his dry food.

Cletus a big fan of Temptation Treats– he loves the beef, chicken and catnip flavors.

He loves to nibble on tuna or salmon flavored Sheba chew sticks too.

What is Cletus’s personality like?

Cletus is a smart little cookie– he knows where his snacks are.

We have to hide them or he will rip the bag open.

This boy never skips a meal. He will be under your feet when it’s his breakfast time.

He is very vocal– even louder when he wants his food and treats!

Cletus naps anywhere he’s comfortable, whether it be the couch, chair, bed, or the middle of the floor!

He is the Inspector General and has to inspect everything you have on your plate, but then he hops and runs in the other room.

Cletus also inspects what you bring in the door. He’ll rub against it and declare it his own!

He loves to sit in our laps, but only if we have HIS blanket over our legs to stretch out on.

Cletus is very affectionate, but he does NOT like to be picked up and held. He also hates thunderstorms.

Cletus is Family

Cletus has been my buddy since my Mom passed away four years ago.

He was my husband’s little buddy before my he recently passed away before Christmas.

So now it’s just us. If he’s not napping, he’s right by my side.

Cletus and I have been together through the loss of our loved ones.

He’s my rock. He’s been there through it all.

Cletus has been a part of my family since the moment my mom rescued him.

I love this little bundle of fur and purrs!

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Sharing is caring!


Tuesday 10th of August 2021

I’m so very sorry for your losses ,my condolences to you ,I happy you have Cletus to Comfort you especially being a big part of your family.God Bless You both ,he’s beautiful ?

Molly Kasun

Thursday 15th of July 2021

I dearly love a big orange tom!

Suzanne Roussel

Sunday 4th of July 2021

He is so adorable ? and sweet precious baby ?


Saturday 3rd of July 2021

He is a BEAUTIFUL KITTY. Thanks for sharing.


Saturday 3rd of July 2021

Cletus is a proper name for him ! Someone you can call on anytime, anyplace for anything and he is there for you. Go Cletus!