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Meet Kerri! She’s a beautiful 4 year old girl from Texas.

Her mom, Kathy, knew Kerri was going to be her lifelong companion as soon as she laid eyes on her.

It all started when Kathy visited a local animal shelter with the intention of adopting a boy kitten.

However, all their kittens were girls. This didn’t matter to Kathy. She would rescue a kitten regardless of its gender.

One of the kittens in particular was jumping up and down trying to get Kathy’s attention.

Kathy asked the shelter staff if she could see the kitten in the visitation room.

As soon as the kitten entered the room, she hopped onto the chair Kathy was sitting on and plopped down on her shoulder.

It was a match made in heaven. Kathy took the kitten home the very same day.

She was named Kerri and the rest is history. Kathy and Kerri have a very special bond!

She loves cuddling and napping with her adopted cat brother, LC.

Kerri’s other hobbies include cuddling, purring, sitting on the patio, and swatting paper off the counter to play with and hide.

Kerri loves to indulge in Purina One Indoor Formula and Meow Mix Brushing Bite cat treats.

Kerri is definitely a mama’s girl. She loves to talk to Kathy with gentle meows and playful chirps.

Even at 4 years old, Kerri sometimes sucks on her mom’s fingers like a baby!

Kathy and Kerri will enjoy many more years to come. She’s so grateful she scooped Kerri into her arms and brought her home from the shelter.

We’re proud to call Kerri a National Kitty!

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Sharing is caring!