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Kitten Rescued From Hurricane Loves to Feel Safe & Warm in Sweaters

Kitten Rescued From Hurricane Loves to Feel Safe & Warm in Sweaters

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In the summer of 2016, a small sickly kitten had been spotted on the beach before a hurricane. 

Knowing the kitten was in immediate danger, rescuers sprung into action. 

Keep reading to discover how a young woman’s love and determination saved this kitten from a terrifying fate. 

Hurricane of Hope

In Jacksonville, Florida, Jessica Baskaran had finally found herself in the right place to get a cat.

She had always wanted one, but her sister was terribly allergic. 

Now that she lived on her own, she could finally make her dream come true.

She visited a local animal shelter hoping she would find a loving, furry companion.

Little did she know, she was about to undergo the biggest challenge of her life. 

Braving the Storm

A week before Hurricane Matthew hit the coast, Jessica visited a shelter and met the kitten that would later be her pride and joy.

The kitten had been spotted wandering the beach searching for food and shelter. 

When Jessica saw him for the first time, the tiny kitten poked his paw out of the cage to gently touch Jessica’s hand.

It was as if he was saying, “Please take me with you.”

It was an instant bond; she knew fate had brought them together.

Moved by this, Jessica promised to give this kitten the life it had always deserved. 

The shelter was very busy and full of animals at the time, so the adoption process itself went by quickly. 

Soon enough, she and her new friend were on their way to start a wonderful life together.

However, Jessica never had a chance to take a close enough look at the kitten. 

After taking a closer look, she made a shocking discovery…

Trouble in Paradise 

As soon as they were on their way home, Jessica realized her new kitten was acting unusual. 

“He was acting fine for a little bit,” Jessica shared. “But, as soon as we got in the car he just completely shut down.”

While he seemed fine at the shelter, he lost all of his steam once they got into the car.

Jessica thought he could simply be tired from the shelter’s stressful environment. 

She remained hopeful, but matters only got worse…

A Shocking Discovery 

She named her sweet new companion Spencer after one of her favorite characters on the TV show Criminal Minds

Spencer was a mere 2 pounds at 3 months old. 

He was small and skinny, but Jessica figured it was from living a rough life before being rescued.

It seemed his body and overall health was deteriorating more and more. 

Jessica then noticed something that made her panic. 

“I realized that when he sneezed, there was a little bit of blood coming out,” Jessica said. “It found out he was battling an aggressive upper respiratory infection.”

Jessica was determined to save sweet Spencer’s life. 

A True Fighter

Spencer was rushed to the vet where he was put on antibiotics for his infection. 

He recovered from his infection, but the trouble didn’t stop there.

Spencer started suffering from one illness after another.

Jessica and her vet came to terms with Spencer’s chronic condition. 

“He gets sick a lot. He has a pretty low immune system,” Jessia said. “It’s just always something with him, sadly.” 

Spencer always puts on a brave face during treatment and never fails to battle through sickness.

Knowing his mom is by his side, he shows a strong will to live.

A Moment of Panic 

After years of suffering from chronic illness, Spencer’s health took a turn for the worse when he developed a severe urinary blockage. 

Spencer was rushed to an emergency pet hospital. 

His urinary tract was completely blocked – the vets could not drain his bladder. 

Knowing this was a life or death situation, Jessica was devastated. 

She spent several days with him in the hospital holding her sweet boy’s paw, assuring him his mom was there for him no matter what. 

The skillful vet team at the hospital sewed a catheter in place and gave Spencer medications that would help his bladder relax. 

At last, Spencer was able to pass urine and go home. 

Help Us Help Spencer 

Spencer suffered a horrible life on the streets before Jessica rescued him. 

He wandered the beach hungry and alone, desperately hoping someone would save him. 

Had the shelter treated his infection when he was rescued, Spencer’s suffering could have been prevented. 

Jessica is now thousands of dollars in debt after Spencer’s most recent emergency room visit. 

To make matters worse, Spencer will have to spend the rest of his life on a strict diet with monthly vet visits to keep him alive and well. 

To help pay for his expenses, she is selling T-shirts to raise funds toward his medical debt.

If you would like a T-shirt, please click here to contact Jessica on Facebook or email her at [email protected]

If you would like to donate to Spencer without purchasing a T-shirt, please click here to access his fundraiser. 

Any donation, no matter how small, will help Spencer continue to receive the support and care he desperately needs. 

A Bundle of Love

Spencer never lets his sickness get him down.

“He’s very sweet and cuddly,” Jessica shared, “Everyone is always just in awe of him.”

There is nothing Spencer enjoys more than the love and attention from anyone he meets.

He is always ready to return the favor and show his appreciation with gentle kisses. 

“Every time somebody walks in, he kisses them on the lips,” Jessica said.

“He’ll just grab their face. If they try to look away, he just puts his paw on their chin and pulls them towards him,” Jessica shared.

Spencer especially enjoys cuddling with his adopted brother, Rowen.

Rowen misses Spencer terribly when he has to go stay with the vet.

He wanders the apartment meowing for his brother and waiting by the door hoping Spencer will walk in at any moment.

Jessica prays that Rowen will not have to lose his brother too soon.

Rowen would be lost without him.

Safe & Warm

Oddly enough, Spencer loves to wear clothes!

Jessica noticed early on that Spencer loved to be swaddled like a baby.

She suspects it makes him feel warm and safe.

The first time she put him in a sweater, he purred with delight.

“I think all the attention he gets when he’s in clothes also helps. He loves prancing around the house in sweaters!” Jessica shared.

Sweet Spencer

Had it not been for Jessica, Spencer would not be here with us today.

Everyone’s heart melts when they gaze into his beautiful golden eyes.

Anyone lucky enough to receive one of Spencer’s sweet kisses can’t bear to walk away.

It’s impossible to be upset around Spencer. It’s as if all their troubles are forgotten the moment they see him.

To all of you reading this, Spencer gives you big virtual kiss!

He just wants to make sure everyone feels as cared for and loved as he does!

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Sharing is caring!

Sheila Wright

Sunday 18th of July 2021

I recently lost my Misty to an illness that could not be cured. So I think I know how you feel. Hopefully Spencer will improve with your care and hearing from people that have written. I will send $$ but do not need a T-shirt. Love and virtual kisses to Spencer.


Thursday 17th of September 2020

Bless you for taking care of Spencer..I’m not able to contribute with money but I will keep you and Spencer in my prayers..

Michael Freitas

Thursday 17th of September 2020

I'm so sorry about what happened to Spencer. Thank You for taking care of him and giving him such a great and Loving Home. I sent You an email with my information so I can purchase a T-shirt to help out.


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

I am so sorry for what you are going through if I could donate I would honestly but I have my own medical bills unfortunately that have added up tremendously but I hope and pray Spencer is with you for a very long time!!!??????????

Suzanne Roussel

Wednesday 16th of September 2020

That is a heart warming story ❤ thank you for sharing ? Spencer's story and God bless you for saving him and not giving up on him.I also have adopted 2 precious cats Mac my male cat was sick from the first day I got him he just cost me 5000 dalars the were telling me to put him down and I refused to give up on him he is a wonderful cat I love him so much and is sister Isis was lost and meowing all nigth and day till he came back home from the hospital the vets were he was let me record messages and play it fore him they were wonderful to him.