Special Kitten with Wobbly Legs Accepted by Family Who Thinks He’s Perfect the Way He Is

Special Kitten with Wobbly Legs Accepted by Family Who Thinks He’s Perfect the Way He Is

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In the spring of 2016, a family found their outdoor cat with a full litter of kittens. 

One of the kittens was disabled and had been rejected by the mother.

Without help, the kitten would not survive.

Keep reading to find out how this lucky kitten found love and happiness with the perfect family!

An Unexpected Call

The family noticed that one of the kittens had some serious health complications and had been rejected by the mother.

She was not letting him nurse and the family grew concerned he would die without help.

Not sure what to do, the family called their neighbor, Ellie, who had experience fostering disabled cats.

They were hopeful she would be able to keep this special kitten alive.

Rushing to the Rescue

Wanting to help, she went to their house to see the kitty as soon as she could.

“He was very severely physically disformed,” Ellie said, “The mother had turned him away. She would no longer feed him, so he was this little runt because he was malnourished.”

The kitten, who she later named Emerson, had two legs that seemed to be hooked or curved.

The medical term for this condition is called radial hypoplasia

This caused his legs to spread apart and his tail to stick out an angle with a kink in it. 

Realizing this kitty would need special attention, Ellie volunteered to help.

Love at First Sight

Ellie told the family she would talk to her partner about fostering the kitten.

When she and her partner met Emerson, all three of them knew it was an instant match.

“It was a match made in Heaven. We just had to take him.” She said. “He was so sweet and had so much personality, so funny and silly.”

Emerson was only three weeks old and would need to be bottle fed and watched very closely.

Ellie and her partner accepted the challenge and knew Emerson was worth the effort. 

The Diagnoses

As soon as they knew they were going to adopt this little angel, they took him to the vet.

The vet determined that Emerson had only 60% mobility in his back legs. 

“His condition causes him to sort of army crawl”, Ellie told National Kitty.

As he grew older, they realized his quirks might not just be physical.

“He has some emotional imbalances as well,” Ellie jokingly said. “He’s highly entertaining. One second he wants to be cuddling you so hard he’s drooling a little bit and then the next second he freaks out running around the room.”

These quirks didn’t bother Ellie and her partner at all. In fact, they give Emerson an irresistible personality.

Making New Friends

Because Emerson had such a strong personality, he was a little overwhelming for Ellie’s other cat, Daniel.

Daniel was a stray cat at Ellie’s university campus.

He got into a scrap with another cat and ended up having his leg amputated as a consequence. 

Because of this, Daniel was a little hesitant around other cats. It took him some time to warm up to Emerson. 

“At first, he was very standoffish about Emerson,” Ellie shared. “But, they are inseparable now.”

While Emerson had a rough start in life, he now has a loving family and a best friend.

He spends his days running around the house and cuddling with Daniel. 

Emerson’s Lesson

Ellie wants everyone to know that special needs cats are just as lovable as normal cats.

Her two disabled cats mean the world to her and she wants to encourage others to give special needs cats a chance.

“Cats with these conditions are euthanized all the time. There’s absolutely no reason to euthanize them. They’re so loving and grateful to be rescued” Ellie tells National Kitty.

Ellie wants to encourage others to adopt special needs cats and experience the joy they bring to everyone around them!

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19 Replies to “Special Kitten with Wobbly Legs Accepted by Family Who Thinks He’s Perfect the Way He Is”

  1. Quite a long time ago I had a couple of kittens with their front legs like that and I made “braces” for them. With the “braces” their legs did straight and they were fine. When I first put them on their legs, they would fall down and hold their legs in the air. Once they accepted wearing them, they were fine. I had called a vet about them and his advice was to euthanize them. So glad I did not listen to him.

  2. I’m so glad you helped these kitties I applaud you!! I would help any disabled animal I love all animals it’s my passion❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Beautiful story. No matter if they are disabled or not they still need a loving home. Thanks for helping them out.

  4. You are Angel for adopting them I had one of my cats kitten born with a deformed leg like that I tried to get help for her and they told me to have her put down so I took her back home with me and she walked on tree legs only she was the sweetous kitten I had I called her Angel and we had her for 14 years she was so adorable and precious to me she was my baby all my other cat loved and took care of her she was my sweetheart I think more people should adopted one she was so adorable.

  5. Thank you Ellie for realizing the potential of these kitties and giving them a wonderful home. I am ashamed that vets are ready to euthanize so many as a matter of routine.

  6. Someone brought a kitten like to me and I googled : “Kittens with bent legs” and there was a similar story about a kitten in Denmark and her human splinted her legs re- wrapping them every night after gently stretching and massaging them. After 8 weeks he was healed, completely normal. We found out later His feral momma had a large tumor in her uterus which caused the overcrowding!

  7. Emerson is such a sweet kitty. I am glad h we hot adopted by a family who loves him just the way he is.

  8. Thank you for saving her, loving, and protecting her ! EVERY animal deserves to have a great life that they can enjoy, love, and live !🐈🐱😻💗💞👍💖💓

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