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Disabled Kitten Teaches Other Shy Injured Kitten How to Love & Trust Humans

Disabled Kitten Teaches Other Shy Injured Kitten How to Love & Trust Humans

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It was a fateful summer when two injured kittens met under heartbreaking circumstances. 

Keep reading to discover how fate brought these special kittens together and changed their lives forever…

A Shocking Discovery

One hot summer day, a woman made a Facebook post about a kitten in critical condition who appeared in her yard. 

The post reported the kitten having an injured foot that smelled horrible.

This poor kitten desperately needed help. She didn’t have much time left.

Luckily, a local hero saw the post!

Kasey Patrick, an Arkansas animal welfare advocate and member of Fund The Fur, sprang into action upon hearing the news. 

Rushing to the Rescue

Kasey met the woman and the kitten (later named Pawly) at a grocery store parking lot. 

As soon as Kasey saw the kitten, she knew something wasn’t right. 

It was far worse than she had imagined. 

The smell of rotting flesh was coming from Pawly’s paw.

Kasey knew there was no time to waste. 

“Her body condition was at a 3 out of 9 at best,” Kasey said. “But, that didn’t stop her! She still purred and gave you head boops.”

Kasey rushed Pawley to the vet where she received antibiotics while the vet assessed the damage. 

A Surprise Visitor

For the first few weeks, Pawly received antibiotics and hydrotherapy.

Unfortunately, the vet determined a few of her toes needed to be amputated.

Just when Pawly was recovering from her surgery, another cat showed up on Kasey’s doorstep!

“On 4th of July, a girl came to the door holding a little grey kitten,” Kasey shared. “It was growling and all, acting like feral.”

This kitten, who was named Ash, had an injury that puzzled Kasey…

Solving the Mystery

Ash was in horrible shape. 

His tail was crooked, his paw was limp, and he had a broken tooth.

Thankfully, the vet determined there were no broken bones.

“It appeared like he might have been crossing the street and then something ran over his tail and yanked it,” Kasey said. “So the nerves had been damaged in three quarters of the tail.”

The vet suspected that Ash might have turned around in response to the pain, and then gotten clipped by the car. 

This resulted in a broken tooth and nerve damage to his paw.

It was a miracle he was alive!

Two Bundles of Joy…Mostly

Back at home, Ash made it clear he was not happy about being touched by humans. 

However, he loved the other foster kittens – so much so that he forgot he was injured!

“He had no feeling in that front right leg,” Kasey said. “That didn’t stop him from trying to use it and play with the other kittens.”

It was then that Ash met Pawly. 

Pawly’s friendly demeanor seemed to help Ash warm up to other humans!

Pawly took Ash under his wing and showed him around.

She helped him overcome his fears and start trusting his foster family.

Thanks to Pawly, things were looking good for Ash!

After a few weeks of recovery, Ash was healthy enough for his operation. 

His front right foot and the last quarter of his tail were amputated. 

But Ash didn’t seem to mind. He had a good friend by his side!

A Special Bond

Ash responded to his surgery wonderfully. 

Without his injured foot, he was more comfortable tumbling and wrestling with Pawly!

The two were inseparable. They loved each other and shared a special bond. 

Both kittens had been through so much. They felt loved and accepted by each other. 

Kasey started to worry about their future. 

She knew they needed each other, but it would be challenging to find someone to adopt them together…

Happily Ever After

Luckily, a patron of the shelter had been making more frequent visits to see the two kittens. 

He had been following the kittens’ rescue journey and admired their strong will to live. 

With each visit, he found himself growing more attached to the pair.

Pawly and Ash had grown attached to him too. He was someone they knew and trusted. 

The thought of the kittens being apart broke his heart. He couldn’t bear to see them separated.

He decided to make them a promise that would change their lives forever.  

He adopted both Pawly and Ash!

They would spend the rest of their lives in the comfort of his home. 

Pawly and Ash will never have to worry about being hurt or neglected ever again. 

Now they can focus on having fun with their new forever family!

About Our Hero

Pawly and Ash owe their lives to Fund the Fur.

Fund the Fur is a small non-profit dog rescue in Ward, Arkansas.

However, they personally fund spay/neuter and medical care for cats because the city offers very little resources for cats and kittens.

Had Kasey and Fund the Fur not stepped in, Pawly and Ash would have suffered a horrible fate.

Now they can focus on being happy, healthy kittens in a loving home they can call their own!

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Saturday 30th of July 2022

Andrew here. I am the adoptee of Pawly and Ash and just wanted anyone/everyone who may still hop upon this article know that years later they are still doing quite well and loving one another and getting along just fine =3


Tuesday 2nd of August 2022

Thank you, Andrew! I'm so happy to hear they're doing well! Feel free to send me pictures of them to [email protected] and I'll update the article for others to enjoy.


Wednesday 8th of September 2021

I’m so happy they were adopted together,Thank you Sir for giving them a loving home and family.😻😻❤️❤️

Diane Ryan

Monday 6th of September 2021

Three cheers for the gentleman that adopted the two kittens. They love each other and should be loved and cared for together.

Joan Roncalli-Cummings

Sunday 5th of September 2021

Love this story. Made my day. Such great and kind people.


Saturday 4th of September 2021

Just love the happy endings!🐈🐾