Sweet Senior Cat Kicked Out of Home for Being “Too Cuddly”

Sweet Senior Cat Kicked Out of Home for Being “Too Cuddly”

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Meet our newest kitty of the week, Murdo! He’s a gorgeous, 12-year-old boy from Alaska.

After being kicked out by his owner, Murdo found himself alone and hungry, struggling to survive.

That all changed on one fateful day when someone decided they’d had enough of watching this sweet boy suffer…

Murdo’s mom, Maxine, tells us all about this sweet boy in the story below.

A King Needing a Kingdom

Murdo (formerly called Rusty) was hanging around my brother’s apartment building.

He frequently asked to come inside and always seemed very hungry.

The neighbor told me that he’d been kicked out by his former owner and she fed him but couldn’t keep him inside since she already had too many pets.

Winter was right around the corner and I was also terrified he would get killed by passing traffic on the nearby highway.

After a few weeks of being worried sick, I took a cat carrier to the apartment and called his name.

Sure enough, he ran right up to me.

I then asked him if he wanted to come home with me.

He dashed into the open carrier without a second thought!

When I brought him into my home, he marched out like he owned the place.

He wasn’t wrong– he definitely owns the place!

The king had finally entered his palace.

What is Murdo’s personality like?

Decades ago I had a cat that looked a lot like Murdo whose name was Murdoch.

Both reminded me of Scottish heros, so I named Murdo after Murdoch’s nickname.

I suspect Murdo’s previous owner couldn’t tolerate his “neediness”.

He cries a lot when he wants cuddles or supervised outside time.

Murdo is very hyperactive – he needs a lot of mental stimulation.

His attention needs are more similar to dog than a cat.

He chooses times that are very inconvenient to beg for attention, like when I’m focued on a task, or on the phone or zoom meeting.

But I don’t mind! What’s “needy” for one person is the perfect dose of affection for another person.

Murdo’s qualities are special in that they make him who he is. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

He’s taught me patience and we’ve worked together to find a good balance for the both of us.

He’s extremely loving and affectionate. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What does Murdo like to do for fun?

Since he’s probably part Maine Coon, his favorite activity is hunting.

I feed the birds and 3 resident red squirrels, so he is harnessed and on a long leash for yard time and walks.

Murdo is remarkably intelligent, something that is characteristic of Main Coons.

He loves cuddling and has trained me to give him head scritches by reaching up and touching my hands with his left paw.

He curls up on my lap and snuggles next to me in bed.

Murdo is definitely a people pleaser!

He turns the charm all the way up for visitors, running to shower them with love and attention.

Murdo’s appetite for food matches his appetite for adventure.

He loves to indulge in tuna juice, fancy feast (chicken and tuna formulations), and nibble on cat grass.

Murdo is very healthy and a bit of a clean freak.

Despite being a senior cat with a beautiful mane, his long hair never matts.

He loves being brushed and comes into the bathroom every evening to get his teeth brushed, followed immediately by head scritches.

I’m so happy I found him at the right time. He’s the light of my life!

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21 Replies to “Sweet Senior Cat Kicked Out of Home for Being “Too Cuddly””

  1. Murdo is absolutely gorgeous. What a stately and regal looking king he is. Think you’re right on about the Maine Coon thing, too. I would LOVE a cat like that. At any age. I think he has many good years left, and he won’t be spending them ALONE outside and exposed to danger and freezing temps with never enough to eat. I’d love to have my very own Murdo! I can’t sleep without cat fur in my fingers at night.

    1. I agree, I’m so glad this beautiful cat found a fantastic home that he deserved, I also have half Maine coon who was dumped by someone else. The more affectionate the better I say. The previous owner is a low life!

  2. I am so glad that Murdo got adopted. There are so many people out there in this world that abuse their animals. One day they will pay for what they did and probably say, “maybe I should not have been so mean to my animals.

  3. Animals are so much better than so many humans…I am so glad you found each other he is a gorgeous kitty…..I call them ‘fluffs’….I have 2 cream brothers…one is a ‘fluff’ and the other a short hair, I have siblings that are more orange that are ‘fluffs’, 2 gray ‘fluffs’, 1 gray and white, another tabby that looks more like a Forest Cat, 1 big old former Tom cat…cream ‘fluff’ and another gray and white ‘fluff’ just rescued but will be in quarantine before coming to reide here. I have a feral cat habitat….most are not feral any longer but it taken 5 yrs for some. I sure hope this beauty is with forever…love him…

  4. Great Story. I wish my cat was more cuddily than he is. But he does like to cuddle once in awhile. That he has a great furever Home. Thank you whoever took Murdo in.

  5. PLEASE STOP GIVING YOUR FLOOFS canned tuna or the juice/oil from that can. The sodium content WILL DESTROY your kitties kidneys!

    1. Since mid-year I stopped feeding mine the usual grocery store stuff and only give them both dry food and treats containing no corn, soy, wheat or by-products. Their instances of throwing up in now only a fraction of what it once was.

    2. Thank you for your concern and warning. I certainly will take your advice to heart. If it makes you feel better, Murdo gets canned tuna juice very infrequently, since I rarely make tuna sandwiches. I know cats can suffer kidney failure, and taking my vet’s advice, I feed him only wet food. Again, thanks for your concern.

  6. Murdo is gorgeous! He looks like my Patrick. He was such a cuddler. Sadly, at 17 & 1/2 years, he crossed the rainbow bridge on Valentine’s Day. Needless to say my heart broke and hasn’t mended yet. He was so loving, sweet, and brave. He definitely had the heart of a lion. I am so happy Murdo found his purrfect home. God bless you both and may you be happy for a long, long time.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss of Patrick. I wish our pets could live forever. Sometimes losing them is harder than losing a parent or human friend, because they depend on us totally for their health and happiness, and it is such an honor to take care of them in their old age. Murdo sends his comforting purrs to you.

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