Neglected Blind & Deaf Cat with Rare Condition Rescued from Life of Suffering

Neglected Blind & Deaf Cat with Rare Condition Rescued from Life of Suffering

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In October of 2019, a woman was feeding her feral colony when she spotted a new and mysterious cat searching for food.

After taking one look at the cat, the woman knew something wasn’t right.

When she discovered the truth, she was shocked.

It was worse than anyone could have imagined…

Keep reading to discover how this mysterious cat’s desperate cry for help was miraculously answered!

A Mysterious Appearance

Sarah Richardson, a cat rescuer in Little Rock, AR, was feeding her feral colony of TNR cats when a new cat suddenly appeared. 

Sarah knew something wasn’t right. The cat was acting strange and seemed to have trouble navigating the area. 

When Sarah attempted to get closer to the cat, he got startled and ran off. 

Sarah was determined to help him, but she had to be strategic.

Since she knew something was wrong with him, she set up a gentle trap.

After 5 nights of waiting, the mysterious white cat finally walked into the trap!

Once Sarah was able to get a closer look, she was shocked…

A Shocking Discovery 

It was now clear to Sarah that the cat could not see or hear. In fact, he didn’t even know he was trapped. 

He roamed around the trap bumping into the sides as if he couldn’t see his surroundings.

If he was blind and deaf, how had he made it this long on his own? 

While he was definitely malnourished, she could not find any other damage to his body.

However, his eyes were in terrible condition.

“It was really, really bad,” Sarah shared. “They were pretty much shut.”

While he was clearly in pain, his sweet demeanor and beautiful white fur reminded Sarah of Olaf from Frozen. So, that became his name!

Sarah took Olaf to the vet the next day to get some answers and much needed medical attention. 

A Mystery Solved

Sarah’s suspicions were confirmed – Olaf was both deaf and blind.

The vet said Olaf suffered from a rare eye condition called entropion that caused his eyelids to fold inward. Consequently, his eyelashes grew inward too. 

This condition caused damage to his eyes everytime he moved his eyelids. 

There was no doubt he had been in excruciating pain. 

Because his eyes had already been damaged significantly, they were unsure of how much vision Olaf would gain back. 

As a temporary fix, the vet sewed Olaf’s eyelids in place to inhibit any more damage to his eyes.

It was clear Olaf was much more comfortable without the constant irritation. 

Olaf still needed to be taken to a specialist to have eye surgery. Sewing his eyelids was only a temporary solution.

However, Olaf’s surgery was going to be very expensive.

Getting the funding for the surgery would be challenging. 

In the world of cat rescue, cats like Olaf are usually euthanized because rescuers don’t have the funding for expensive surgeries. 

FuRR to the Rescue

Once again, Sarah was determined.

She reached out to Susan from FuRR, Feline Rescue & Rehome in Central Arkansas. 

When she asked if they could help Olaf, they were more than willing and accepted him with open arms. 

Through FuRR, Sarah was able to find the right specialist to do Olaf’s eye surgery. 

After his surgery, Olaf was freed from the constant pain of his condition and gained partial vision!

“After his surgery, his eye looked a little rough for the first two weeks,” Sarah said. “But, when he opened his eyes, they were beautiful, big blue eyes.”

The Road to Recovery

Every vet that saw Olaf was amazed at how Olaf had managed to survive in the wild for so long, being both deaf and blind! 

At the time Olaf he was rescued, he was estimated to be 2 to 3 years old.

With this in mind, it’s clear that Olaf is a survivor with a strong will to live. 

Having gained part of his eyesight back, things would only get better from here.

As he recovered from his surgery, Sarah coordinated with FuRR to find the best place for him to live. 

Olaf had not had much exposure to humans before he was rescued.

He was still skittish and needed to be socialized.

It would be challenging for him to find a home, so FuRR came up with great solution.

Happily Ever After

FuRR determined it would be best for Olaf to be adopted by the organization because of his special needs. 

“He got to move to a sanctuary for cats,” Sarah shared. “Now, he lives in a cat room with a catio and his own cat roommate! He looks phenomenal now.”

At the sanctuary, Olaf has grown plump and spoiled and will continue to be pampered for the rest of his days!

Thanks to Sarah and FuRR, Olaf was rescued from an uncertain fate and given a wonderful home where he will always be safe and loved.

Olaf will never have to worry about being sick and on the streets ever again!

About FuRR

Because of FuRR, Olaf and many other cats with difficult medical conditions have had a second chance to live.

FuRR’s mission is to rescue cats that have been abused, abandoned, or surrendered to shelters for euthanasia. 

FuRR actively promotes and practices TNR (trap, neuter, return) to control overpopulation and improve the quality of feral cat lives. 

They work hard to provide loving care, medical attention, and socialization to cats in need.

Their mission is to place all adoptable cats in loving homes!

Please follow FuRR on Facebook to keep up with all their incredible rescue work.

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15 Replies to “Neglected Blind & Deaf Cat with Rare Condition Rescued from Life of Suffering”

  1. Lucky Olaf to be found and cared for. White cats with blue eyes do tend to be blind more often if I remember correctly. It sounds like the perfect place was found for him.

  2. Thank you for believing that kitties like Olaf deserve a chance! That eye condition is not unusual. Over the years, the cat rescue groups I participate with have had quite a few with that problem.

  3. I am so Happy that he got the help he needed and found wonderful people to help him get better it is a wonderful ending for him so happy for the wonderful work you all do thank you for saving him and thank you for sharing.

  4. I know most blue-eyed cats are deaf, for whatever genetic reason. I was fortunate that a little white blue-eyed kitten showed up at my house years ago. It was love at first sight and I adopted her, had her spayed and had her for over 12 years. And she was NOT deaf, much to my surprise!

  5. A beautiful story and effort to save a damaged cat. It’s amazing e didn’t have skin cancer of the ears (white cats are very vulnerable). I had a white cat that needed to have his ears removed. I can’t say enough for the the compassion of Sarah and FuRR.

  6. Such a beautiful, heartwarming story. Thank you Sarah and FuRR for your compassion and love for these sweet boy, and giving him the help he needed. He is now in a happy place, being well cared for, and no longer in pain. He’s such a sweetheart 💖.

  7. Oh such a Sweet Kitty. I was just heart broken when I seen this story. I am so Happy to see Olaf will have a Happy and Wonderful Life and Be Well taken care of. He Sure Deserves to be Pampered. God Bless Everyone that made it Possible. And For Sarah to be there at the Right time to get him the Help he needed. You are Awesome. What a Very Beautiful Ending. 🙏🐱

  8. Im so happy Sarah found Olaf or maybe he sensed she was caring and could give him a better life. He is so sweet with those big blue eyes and has a chance to see somethings once again. St. Jude was watching over him the 2-3 years he was on his own. This is a beautiful story & Olaf has a chance to live a healthier life.

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