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Orphan Kitten Covered in Ticks Cried for Help – So Happy She’s No Longer in Pain

Orphan Kitten Covered in Ticks Cried for Help – So Happy She’s No Longer in Pain

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It’s safe to assume no one enjoys having ticks on their body– not even cats.

This orphan kitten found huddled in a fallen tree with more than 50 blood-sucking ticks covering her body was no exception.

However, her luck was about to change.

Keep reading to discover how fate brought together a suffering kitten and the kind community of rescuers who would change her life forever.

Courtesy of the RSPCA

A Shocking Discovery

When the RSPCA were notified of the orphaned kitten, they wasted no time jumping into action.

She was discovered in a garden of a property in Doncaster, England.

When they arrived at the scene, they were greeted with an unpleasant sight– it was worse than they could have imagined.

Sara Jordan, who rescued and fostered for the kitten, said that she’d never seen a worse tick infestation.

The tiny kitten was huddled in the remains of a fallen tree, and neighbors reported that she’d been crying all night.

Workers on the scene said the five-week-old kitten had likely been abandoned. Her mother might have been scared away by the noise of the falling tree.

Rushing to the Rescue

Sara said that ticks were clustered around the kitten’s eyes, mouth, ears, between her toes, and even on her bottom.

After thoroughly treating the sweet kitten with flea and tick spray, Sara spent more than two hours removing ticks one-by-one from the poor kitten’s body.

It seemed as if every time she would remove a tick, she’d find a new one moments later.

The kitten was finally safe, but her recovery journey had only begun.

In addition to being malnourished and dehydrated, Sara was worried about the damage the ticks could have caused.

Nicknamed ‘Ticky’, the newly rescued kitten could finally rest knowing she was in good hands.

Courtesy of the RSPCA

Hoping for the Best

Ticks are parasitic arachnids that attach themselves to an animal’s body and draw blood.

During this process, they can transmit diseases to the body of the host.

One of the most serious diseases is called called Lyme disease, which can cause symptoms like loss of appetite and lameness.

When a large amount of ticks are present on an animal, they can suffer from anemia.

Ticky was small and weak. No one knows how long she’d been on her own, but one thing was clear: she was determined to thrive.

Sarah spent each day caring for Ticky with fingers crossed, hoping she would make a rapid recovery without facing any serious complications.

Hope at Last

Thankfully, Ticky was extremely lucky and didn’t suffer from any serious tick-related diseases.

Sara removed all of the tickets she could find, though she still kept a sharp eye out for any she could have missed.

She continued to give Ticky plenty of fluids, medication, and love. It was important for Ticky to know Sara was on her side.

Thanks to Sara, Ticky is growing into a strong, healthy kitten on track to be adopted!

Courtesy of the RSPCA

Though Sara initially agreed to foster Ticky, she’s having second thoughts about Ticky’s future.

Sara and her family have fallen in love with the strong-willed kitten and hinted that Ticky may be joining their family permanently.

Wherever Ticky ends up, one thing is certain: she will never suffer or be alone ever again.

She’ll be protected and loved unconditionally for the rest of her life!

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Thursday 22nd of April 2021

Thank you for saving this precious little kitten.and taking good care of of her .Precious Little Sweetheart ❤️

Suzanne Roussel

Friday 16th of April 2021

Poor baby so adorable ? and sweet precious baby ? thank you for saving her ? god bless you for saving her ? ? ?

Michael Freitas

Tuesday 13th of April 2021

What a very lucky Little Girl. I'm so glad that she is rescued and found her Loving Forever Home and Family. Best Wishes and God Bless to all of You always ??

Kim Groom

Tuesday 13th of April 2021

I am so glad Ticky is in a loving home. God bless.

Shelley Cloutier

Tuesday 13th of April 2021

Thank you so much for being a kind and caring person and saving sweet precious Ticky ❤️❤️❤️You will be blessed ❤️❤️❤️